#VaultofImpropriety #editori, “Everybody has a dark side and it’s only about, Chef and food writer @gizzierskine and journalist, @thehaunting actress @then0t0ri0usvip talks about, The art of beauty in a brushstroke in our latest e, “Even if you’re perfectly fine and happy, you, Playing the role of #DaimonHelstrom in @Marvel’s, From #cloudsmovie, @annabellemovie and @jumanjimov, Working the must have ‘2020’ mask in our new #, MEDUZA & Dermot Kennedy – Paradise (Acoustic) – Music Video Premiere, You Me At Six – Behind The Scenes of ‘SUCKAPUNCH’. It was fun and easy; it almost felt like I wasn’t thinking during the process and more like I was just free-styling. Although it took some time for me to understand it, my parents’ work ethic and loyalty to my siblings and I has become the foundation for my approach with any person I love. To see that our song has crossed over, we initially didn’t make it for that reason, but to see it get used like that and blow up the way it did, it was just an amazing feeling. (For us, that’s) being a Rascal and making stuff with each other – (that’s) when we’re at our best. In their latest effort, "Fumari," the Rascals share a bright, poppy sound coupled with dizzying rap flows. It’s hard for me to try and pinpoint your genre of music. [Chorus: Joseph] I can't wait for you to come my way I've been far away But I'll keep running Just to find a way to you till then [Verse 1: Tarrek] I've been running from it Tired of running from it Scared of feeling something Now I'm stuck here tryna get up outta this hole ... More Peach Tree Rascals lyrics And I figured the best way to visualize that would be an open road with hitchhikers and everyone who seems lost at the start. Multidimensional and multi-talented, Peach Tree Rascals is the five piece project that puts an emphasis on collective collaboration within artistic groups. California collective Peach Tree Rascals - aka Dom, Isaac, Tarrek, Joseph, and Jorge - make irresistibly sunny pop bops perfect for jumping in the car and heading out on an adventure. GET SPECIAL OFFER. Peach Tree Rascals introduce themselves to the world saying, “We're the Rascals and we do the best with what we’ve got, even if it’s not much," and what they've managed to do thus far is impressive, with the five-piece collective garnering millions of streams on each of their releases. Fumari Lyrics: We live inside a dream and we never wake up / We take amphetamines just to give us a rush / We chasing miracles 'cause we don't got no love / We chasing miracles but it's never LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals radiate positivity through their genre-bending music and their new track not ok doesn’t disappoint. Dom: I think we all have a great ear for what’s good, what’s not good, what’s corny etc. What was your reaction to its popularity on TikTok? : I think we all have a great ear for what’s good, what’s not good, what’s corny etc. Music is the axis around which young musician Star Grace’s world spins. Shoutout from Tarrek and Joseph from Peach Tree Rascals, the band behind the viral hit 'Mariposa' that's making waves on TikTok! music@1883magazine.com Peach Tree Rascals Lyrics "Mango" I got burdens on my shoulders, if I fold then they gon' stay Half the time, I pass the time, just getting up and out the way Used to ditch school do some music get my penny board and skate Back when we was talkin' Grammy, we was talkin' 'bout the weight Hold up, wait, hold up, wait, stop Can we get stans like K-Pop? But even with its eyes set on a world tour, the collective said its core purpose is to simply enjoy the process of making music with each other. That being said, we pull from all of our inspirations past and present. Often times, our parents’ struggles and fears are heavily implemented into their parenting style for better or worse. Peach Tree Rascals started self-releasing music in 2018 and after 8 songs, have accumulated over 10 million streams to date. TA: Everyone that uses social media knows the impact of TikTok. How does that mentality manifest itself in your musical approaches? Original lyrics of Mariposa song by Peach Tree Rascals. The members consist of Dominic Pizano, Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros and Jorge Olazaba. JO: When I heard the song originally, I wanted the video to feel like you’re just letting go and driving away to be yourself – freeing yourself to be who you want to be. The group first tasted fame after their 2019 single “Mariposa”, which went on to become viral on Tiktok,… Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq: (Pech) moved to our high school his sophomore year and when he became a part of our group of friends, he was the only person we saw create, record and pass out CDs at school. Isaac: Joseph, Dom, Tarrek and I became became best friends when we were 16 years old. Their music has alternative rock, jazz, funk and hip-hop elements. We just moved to LA at the end of last summer. Anything you’re working on that you can tell us about? Even if TikTok dies, the Peach Tree Rascals will still be on the rise. Peach Tree Rascals are a collective based out of California’s Bay Area who have been releasing music together since 2018. The poppy, exuberant jam that can make you want to both bop along in your car and lounge by the pool, pairs well with the cinematography used in their music video; well cut and stylized, it reminds one of an elevated home movie made between a group of friends on a “summa” day. I was writing and recording music prior to moving to San Jose, so after showing them my music we slowly started collaborating here and there. Peach Tree Rascals are on the cusp of something truly amazing. Ver 1. Isaac: Second generation Americans have a unique life growing up. They all meet at school and claim to be inspired from various artists including Kendrick Lamar and The Beatles. TA: We want to do a world tour, we want to take (our music) to the Grammys, we want our songs in movies. advertising@1883magazine.com She is a second-year neuroscience student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. PEACH TREE RASCALS - MARIPOSA (Mariposa) Film Producer: Jorge Olazaba Composer Lyricist: Joseph Bacsafra Barros, Dominic Joseph Pizano, Isaac Pech, Tarrek Mohammad Abdel Khaliq© 2020 Homemade Projects / TenThousand Projects Staring into our latest beauty #editorial with a #, Down the rabbit hole. We’ve grown to love it even more over time. Peach Tree Rascals. All friends in high school, the group formed in … I know a few of you are second generation Americans; how do you see that represented in the group, whether behind the scenes or explicitly in your music, and do you consider that aspect of yourselves an integral part of the project? I studied with my mom because I thought I would have to take a test to become a citizen. Dom and I built the shed into a studio and all of us began putting countless hours in writing, rapping, and producing. 424-465-9800. Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli Peach Tree Rascals is a Los Angeles-based band formed in 2018, consisting of mostly second-generation children of immigrants. Joseph Barros (rapper/singer), Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq (rapper/singer) and Jorge Olazaba (creative director) of the Peach Tree Rascals spoke with the … Dom began to elevate his production skills and helped us reach our full potential as artists. And it’s no wonder why this comes across so clearly; the group met for the first time while in high school and have been friends and collaborators ever since. There was a time when You Me At Six's seventh album 'SUCKAPUNCH' was going to be their last. JO: It’s more of a subconscious type of thing, just watching our parents as we grow up doing whatever they need to do to make sure that our future was better. Posted in: Hip-Hop. Jorge was the final piece to the group, and I discovered him online while looking for talented local artists. The 2019 single “Mariposa” from the group Peach Tree Rascals recently peaked at Number 1 on Spotify Philippines Viral 50 charts. Joseph, Dom, Tarrek and I became became best friends when we were 16 years old. DB: Your song “Mariposa” has been used for 1.6 million videos on TikTok, from clips by influencers like Charli D’Amelio to viral dance trends. The LA-based collective making genre-blurring bops. I do believe that the industry is becoming more welcoming to cross-genre music because the industry is starting to have a little less control over who makes money and who doesn’t. With Pizano working as producer and DJ, Olazaba serving as creative director, and the other three members … They all meet at school and claim to be inspired from various artists including Kendrick Lamar and The Beatles. About three years after we graduated high school, we felt confident enough with the music that we’ve been making over those years to get a name for the band and start releasing (songs). (It might not be perfect though because I did it by ear). Isaac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, and Joseph Barros sing and rap, while Dominic Pizano produces the band’s music and Jorge Olazaba serves as creative director. Everyone brings a different skill and expertise to the table that helps build the PTR brand, no one thing is more valuable than another, and that’s what’s so great. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Although it’s not an obvious, glaring thing in our head, it’s a subconscious mentality that transpires, especially (in our) work ethic and approach to goals we set for each other. They all meet at school and claim to be inspired from various artists including Kendrick Lamar and The Beatles.