Hard seltzer is exactly as it sounds: seltzer with alcohol. See what all the hype is about with this variety pack's inventive flavors, like bittersweet black cherry and lush mango. You can choose from wild-berry, blueberry and acai, raspberry-lime, black-cherry, lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, pineapple, mango, … It's spiked with booze, yes, but also contains a solid dose of potassium, calcium, and magnesium from 100% USDA certified organic fruits (as opposed to fruit flavors). Here's How, DreamBone Made A Dog Holiday Advent Calendar, Jose Cuervo Playamar Tequila Seltzer Grapefruit, Willie's Superbrew Sparkling Pineapple & Lime, Henry's Hard Sparkling Water Variety Pack Spiked Seltzer, Press Premium Hard Seltzer Blood Orange Chili, Pabst Blue Ribbon Stronger Seltzer Wild Berry, Crook & Marker Spiked Sparkling Coconut Pineapple Seltzer, Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water Mixed Pack. You can choose from wild-berry, blueberry and acai, raspberry-lime, black-cherry, lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, … It launches in stores on August 31, but until then you can still pick up the original variety pack. By definition, the only requirement for a beverage to be a hard seltzer is that it contains seltzer water and Looking to mix up your own cocktails at home? Availability Note: Some spirits retailers listed below offer limited delivery and pickup options. Here are our favorite hard seltzer brands to sip this summer. https://www.cspdailynews.com/.../5-promotions-alcohol-brands More: Canned Wines That'll Make You Ditch Corks for Good. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. This is not the case with Willie's. No time to make a Piña Colada? Truly was one of the early seltzer brands on the market and is known for having a wide variety of flavors. The tequila-based hard seltzer comes in lime (a bubbly take on the traditional margarita), and grapefruit (a sparkling mimic of the Paloma cocktail). Sign us up. It's spiked still water, so basically a flat version of a hard seltzer. They come in flavors like strawberry, lemon, raspberry, and peach, and combine hard seltzer, real brewed tea, and other fruit flavors. Surprisingly, most carbonated hard seltzers aren't actually made from seltzer. Boozy, bubbly, and low-cal? Bud Light pivoted from their normal beer selection and released Bud Light Seltzer back in January. The pineapple taste is fresh and real, and its sweetness is offset by just a dash of sour lime. BonViv's seltzer tastes like Pamplemousse La Croix...except with alcohol. BUY NOW Bud Light Seltzer Variety Pack, $17.99, drizly.com. (ABC Regional: Marty McCarthy)"It was the summer of 2019 that hard seltzers exploded in America — … Try the juicy watermelon flavor during your next picnic or porch hang. We're especially fond of the crisp and refreshing flavors — think Colima Lime, Grapefruit & Pomelo, and Pomegranate — and we think these would taste downright dreamy splashed atop your fave cocktail. This coconut and pineapple flavored seltzer tastes just like the tropical drink—with a fraction of the calories. Availability Note: To find PRESS near you, enter your zip code via the PRESS site. Alcohol retailers are looking forward to a successful holiday sales season, according to a new fourth-quarter Drizly Consumer Insights Report. It’s sweetened with stevia, so it won’t be for everyone, but those who liked it really, really loved it (including that shopper with cart envy who told me that their tropical coconut was … Be careful with these: The ABV of Pabst's seltzer is 8%, which is almost double the usual 4-5% ABV hard seltzers have—and even more than the original PBR! The warehouse retail giant has reportedly started selling alcoholic seltzer under its Kirkland … These hard seltzers come in four tasty flavors: Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Pineapple Pomelo. Each can of Playamar has only 90 calories per 12-oz. The flavors are more thoughtfully composed and nuanced here than with some other major brands ⁠— the tart and aromatic Grapefruit Cardamom, specifically, is a perfectly balanced cocktail. This carbonated, flavored, low- Truly is constantly reinventing their fan-favorite hard seltzers, and this iced tea mix pack is great for those who want some extra flavor in their drink and already love Truly lemonades. Vizzy Seltzer; Movo Wine Spritz; Press Seltzer; Shot Gun Seltzers; Cayman Jack; Cayman Jack Mojito; Abita Brewery; Austin Eastciders ; Ballast Point Brewery; Bell’s Brewery; Angry Orchard Ciders; Sam Adams; Truly Spakling Seltzer; With zero grams of sugar and 88 calories, you won't have to worry about grabbing another can of Henry's hard seltzer—or three. The alcohol content in hard seltzer is between 4 and 6 per cent. Cutwater Sprits makes a whole lineup of tasty canned cocktails, but this Cucumber Vodka Soda is hands-down the best. Naturally gluten-free and with only 1 gram of sugar, Arctic … Alcohol Brands. can, 4.5 percent ABV, and contains zero sugar or carbs. The best way to describe this drink is La Croix's Pamplemousse doppelgänger—but with booze. Okay, so "spicy" might not be the first qualifier you're looking for in a hard seltzer—but if you enjoy the tangy taste of a spicy marg or a Bloody Mary, then you'll like this seltzer. A round up of hard seltzers just wouldn't be complete without America's most ubiquitous brand. 8 Best Hard Seltzers for 2021 – Top Alcoholic Seltzer Brands for … Based in Chicago, White Claw Hard Seltzer is a favorite for many. The original flavors included black cherry, strawberry, mango, and lemon lime, and now they're making even more flavors to enjoy. Made by Polar Seltzer, Arctic Summer is the only hard seltzer made with real seltzer. Some US brands are making their way here, while other domestic options are popping up regularly. BUY NOW Truly Iced Tea Mixed Pack, $16.99, abcfws.com. We think the juicy Strawberry Kiwi flavor is a perfect drink to sip as an alternative to beer during happy hour. Besides their lovely, colorful cans, Wild Basin stands out from other flavors because of their non-artificial, authentic fruit flavors. Unlike the other hard seltzers on this list, High Noon is made with vodka—not malt liquor—which gives the seltzer a light, crisp taste. Available in Pineapple and Clementine — two … This creative seltzer uses fermented California orange juice instead of malt liquor, which gives the drink an extra fruity, almost wine-like taste. Alexis Morillo is the Editorial Fellow at Delish.com where she covers breaking food news and viral food trends. If you've ever had a syrupy, artificial-tasting, pineapple-flavored seltzer, you may have wondered whether or not the makers of the drink ever tried pineapple in its original form. A spirited, spiced seltzer to savor life’s delicious moments. The new 8 percent ABV seltzer is made with cane sugar, sparkling water, natural fruit flavors, agave, and is only 170 calories. Los Angeles-based Pulp Culture offers an intriguing range of kombucha-esque spiked seltzers. 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