First of all, this item literally takes a bath in oil, so people who are health consicous better avoid making this dish. Its even popular in Srilanka. Parotta recipe, a south indian flat bread made using all purpose flour which is made as a chapathi and roasted on tawa. Parotta or porotta or barotta is a griddle fried road side Indian flat layered bread, popular in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Add water and mix well to form a stiff dough similar to that of Poori dough. Parotta is a very popular dish in Tamil Nadu. Parotta Recipe (Tamilnadu Style ) was in my mind for a long time , only now I got a chance to post it. A great street side food famous in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Malabar Parotta is a very famous bread in Kerala and Tamilnadu. Here is Veg Kothu Parotta Recipe – Kothu Parotta Madurai Tamil Veetu Style Mix Maida, salt and baking soda (Aapa soda) until combined. A very easy recipe for home made parottas from scratch. ... a recipe that is commonly served during breakfasts in Kerala region which is a south indian state of India and also in Tamil Nadu and other states of Southern India and overall it makes a popular south indian food. A Parotta/Kerala porotta/Malabar porotta is a layered flatbread, originated from the Indian subcontinent, made from maida flour, popular in India.It is originated in Tamil Nadu especially in the central region region. Well, to make a perfect parotta, one needs time, patience and a lot of practice. You will be awestruck while watching a master at work, flipping the dough, slapping it on a greased tabletop, and spinning. Knead for 3-4 minutes. The other thing is , it takes atleast a couple hours to make these parottas, most of which is kneading the dough, beating and shaping. Step by step recipe with detailed video. Friday, November 13, 2020 Latest: CRPF Recruitment 2019 – Apply Online This Bun parotta is very tasty and crispy and mainly prepared for the dinner time. Apply a teaspoon of oil to hands while kneading so the dough does not stick to the hands. Having blogged Tamil Nadu/Kerala style parotta and chicken salna, its now time to bring to you an irresistible street food of Tamil Nadu that combines both of them in a mish mash of sorts.I am talking about Kothu Parotta. Bun Parotta is the most famous dish in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu. This is found in almost all the restaurants in Madurai and few special restaurants in other districts. It is a layered flat South Indian bread and is served with Kurma or Salna.I love parotta in any form and I have already posted Vegetable Kothu parotta, Egg kothu parotta, Dry kothu parotta - Saravana Bhavan style.Parotta is time consuming and requires some practice especially to get the layers in parotta. Parotta was always a restaurant affair for us when we were young. Madurai has lots of special dishes and it is one among them, which is really tempting. Flaky, fluffy, soft circular breads made with plain flour or Maida. Parotta, Kerala Parotta Recipe, Make Easy Parotta at Home. I guess, this is one reason why the cooks in Tamil Nadu who make these parottas are called parotta ‘masters’. Jan 8 2021 Welcome Messages_____A very warm welcome to you ! how to make parotta,parotta recipe ,parotta seivathu eppadi in tamil ,how to make parotta , how to make parotta step by step,wheat parotta ,kothu parotta , Skip to content.