25 so called Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection. This is too easy! Question: "Does the Bible contain errors, contradictions, or discrepancies?" Bible Contradictions Question. This is the third and final article in this short series dealing with inerrancy and with the Bible’s supposed errors and contradictions. A valid contradiction would exist if, and only if, two or more verses correctly and contextually interpreted and fully understood had an undeniable inconsistency. A co-worker tells me he doesn’t believe in the Bible because there are so many contradictions in it. There are no contradictions in the Bible! He was not interested in the answers. This can be devastating to the Christian faith, because we know that if the Bible has real contradictions, it’s not a consistent account, and if it’s not a consistent account, it can’t be divinely inspired. 101 Contradictions in the Bible: 101 Clear Contradictions in the Bible. Some are real questions; however, positive and biblical answers are possible for all. They have a Eucharist-like meal, and John does not. . We would not be troubled if this were, or is, a contradiction, for we do not have the same view of these Gospels as a Muslim is taught about the Qur'an. Shabir Ally. Matthew 28:1 sequence of events at the tomb with Mary and the apostles. Create free account to access unlimited books, fast download and ads free! John has a foot-washing and the others do not. Source(s): https://shrinks.im/a9Bzz. The opponents of Christianity often use them in their attempts to discredit Christianity. Download full Answers To Alleged 101 Contradictions In The Bible Book or read online anytime anywhere, Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Let me point out one factor you may be overlooking, and then perhaps comment on a couple of your questions . The Bible has ZERO contradictions. There’s no way around many of them because they really are just straight contradictions. Biblical contradictions exemplify internal errors (something that contradicts the Bible's own message) as opposed to external errors (something that the Bible gets wrong about the external world). The charge is made quite frequently that the Bible contains numerous contradictions. Obviously, he had not read my answers. [SNIP] GE 1:3-5 On the first day, God created light, then separated light and darkness. He does not answer. To be a Christian is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, there are difficult passages. The problem is most of these lists regard the Bible as 100% facts. In that count how many fighting men were found in Israel? In the 18th century, Thomas Paine in The Age of Reason compiled many of the Bible's self-contradictions. See this page in: Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish T he Bible has many seeming contradictions within its pages. The study of inconsistencies in the Bible has a long history. Many times they do this by claiming that the Bible is full of contradictions. Yes, some contradictions people list can be explained away, but A LOT can’t be explained away at all. Muslims talk often about the many contradictions in the Bible. It’s Gods word to you, don’t blow it off. And if this is the pinnacle of Biblical contradictions when the Bible is said to be "full of contradictions" and "totally corrupted", then such people are obviously deluded. For example, the four Gospels give four differing accounts as to what was written on the sign that hung on the cross. Answers to Alleged Bible Contradictions QUESTION: Are there good answers to alleged Bible contradictions? And in 1860, William Henry Burr produced a list of 144 self-contradictions in the Bible. “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” –1CORINTHIANS 2:14 Time once again to revisit the topic of the so-called “Biblical contradictions.” And this time, rather than read about the so-called “contradictions in the… also things like the “kill homosexuals” thing in the old testament confuses me. JE 17:4, MT 25:46 It does last forever. Please Read the Bible with your heart, it will explain to you the only way to be saved and go to heaven.