Black student groups at UCLA are understandably unhappy after reports leaked out of a predominantly white fraternity and sorority that held a “Kanye Western” themed mixer. At which, Max laughed. A ‘Kanye Western’ Fraternity Mixer At UCLA Reportedly Had Students Wearing Blackface., Pentagonista is a QPOC UCLA alum that is in solidarity with the struggle to end racism and all forms of oppression. Max went on to tell Frison that the frat was “completely in the wrong” and said. Top Sorority Instagrams - Fall 2019. Revolution News will be streaming live from the protest. Thrown by Sigma Phi … Reputation: Wealthy; Friendliness: Popularity: Classiness: Involvement: Social Life: Sisterhood: Respond. UCLA students are catching heat over an offensive Kanye West-themed party thrown Tuesday night. The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority over at UCLA is under fire for their "Kanye Western" themed party where students wore blackface. Alpha Phis at UCLA represent a dynamic group of young women paving their way into successful futures through volunteering, social activities and academic excellence.Alpha Phis dance and cheer for the Bruins, row for the UCLA Crew Team, play hard for the UCLA Tennis Team, and kick butt on the soccer field! Some returning partygoers still wore fake grills, sagging pants, and stuffed butts, while those that had donned literal blackface appeared to be missing from the returning partiers. Still determined, the Black students held space across the street. Baggy Pants. MY CULTURE IS NOT A COSTUME. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (ΑΦΑ) is the first intercollegiate historically African American Greek-lettered fraternity.It was initially a literary and social studies club organized in the 1905–1906 school year at Cornell University but later evolved into a fraternity with a founding date of December 4, 1906, at Cornell. /**/. Chains. Los Angeles station KNBC-TV reports the Sigma Phi … Despite the stonewalling by anyone that should be accountable, the Black students remain determined and will be protesting today at noon at the Bruin Bear. Ugh, #UCLA */ Amidst the blackfaced crowd from both Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi, many people seemed wasted. Los Angeles station KNBC-TV reports the Sigma Phi … WESTWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A UCLA fraternity and sorority are under fire after throwing a "Kanye Western" themed party, which was viewed by … We need all the support we can get. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. The school's chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority held the party on Tuesday night. Another group of privileged White college students thought it would be a good idea to wear blackface in 2015. @ucla this type of behavior from fellow Bruins is unjustifiable inexcusable and wont be tolerated #UCLA #blackface — GebreYEEZUS (@temesgentoofly) October 8, 2015. An officer from the first visit told Max that he would gladly arrest anyone in the party if there was probable cause. Michael Rosen. A “Kanye Western”-themed fraternity party at UCLA is causing an uproar for its racial overtones after some partygoers showed up wearing blackface. Thrown by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority, students who attended the party Tuesday wore baggy clothes, dressed like the Kardashians and some wore blackface, the Daily Bruin reported . A “Kanye Western”-themed fraternity party at UCLA is causing an uproar for its racial overtones after some partygoers showed up wearing blackface. The Daily Bruin, a top college publication, did not release a story about the incident until late afternoon yesterday. The party and the confrontation called into question an unsteady campus climate and the need for action against racial insensitivity. The University of California Los Angeles said on ... blackface. LOS ANGELES — A bunch of sorority and fraternity students at UCLA have managed to upset a whole lot of people after they allegedly had the great idea to put on blackface … [CDATA[*/(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({});/*]]>*/ Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi did not return requests for a comment. UCLA has a deep and violent history when it comes to racism. Frison explained that being Black students they were aware that their very presence could be reacted to harmfully, so the UCLA students kept their distance from the frat. Stand in solidarity with my bruin family #BlackBruinsMatter cause this #KanyeWestern party some ol’ BULLLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIT — King Zay (@ZayaWaya) October 8, 2015 The “Kanye Western” party was allegedly hosted by Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority. By now, the police had returned due to a conflict between the frat house and the home the bottle had been thrown at across the street. UCLA students are in an uproar this week after a fraternity hosted a Kanye West-themed western party, which reportedly included some partygoers wearing blackface.The party, hosted by the Sigma Phi Epsilon frat and Alpha Phi sorority, took place on Tuesday night, with attendees dressed in baggy clothes or like the Kardashians to fit the theme. Michael Rosen. By Taylor Ortega. — pentagonista (@pentagonista) October 7, 2015. 10/08/15 3:23PM • Filed to: News. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon then told the student that she could not take photos on their private property. A group of African American UCLA students faced off with members of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority Tuesday night, breaking up a party where guests wore costumes caricaturing African Americans. /*