It’s RMR ready with optic cuts, fitted with suppressor ready night sights and you can go full tacti-cool with this handgun if that’s the way you want to take it. But it’s a nice gun. You can get one of the best AR-15 rifles for sale from ZEV these days and now it has brought the fire to the custom handgun market. ZEV TECHNOLOGIES. Check The Rock Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham in The Fast & The Furious 8. i just bought the zev oz9 'frame' and grip module. IWB Quick Ship; OWB Quick Ship; MAGAZINE CARRIERS; MERCH. ZEV Technologies’ first complete 9mm pistol with everything built entirely from the ground up by ZEV. Either way it is one of the coolest little tuner Glocks out there. An Overwatch Precision Trigger replaces the standard Glock unit and that’s just the start of the spec list. Is The New Glock 45 The Best Compact Handgun? ZEV probably saw the opportunity to take the logical next step and aggregate their upgrades into a pistol of their own design that they could iterate on, without being as beholden to the need to work with most regular Glock parts. The O.Z-9 is compatible with ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags, and will include future grip sizes, color, and texture options. Essentially you don’t have to buy the Glock anymore and throw away parts. Check or just Google it to find actual guns you can buy right now. ZEV TECHNOLOGIES PRO Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Bar Kit For Glock G5 Blk/Red ZEV TECHNOLOGIES PRO FLAT FACE TRIGGER UPGRADE BAR KIT FOR GLOCK The Agency Ams Magwell was so good, Glock basically copied it in the Gen 5. The aftermarket triggers worry me at times but neither Zev Glock has had issues in thousands of rounds. 0. There are more than enough slide cuts and cocking serrations for just about anybody, it looks good and it’s a cohesive design. Looks for Range; … The gold can be a just a little bit gangsta. already have an aftermarket slide milled for a vortex viper. ZEV Technologies (IWB) ON-THE-WAISTBAND (OWB) 1911 (OWB) 2011 (OWB) Archon (OWB) Beretta (OWB) CZ (OWB) FN (OWB) Glock (OWB) H&K (OWB) IWI (OWB) Polymer 80 (OWB) Sig Sauer (OWB) Smith & Wesson (OWB) Springfield Armory (OWB) Walther (OWB) ZEV Technologies (OWB) QUICK SHIP. Charlie Gao studied Political and Computer Science at Grinnell College and is a frequent commentator on defense and national security issues. This stippling looks better than at least one high-end Glock tuner that will remain nameless, and a few of the others too. The extended mag offers five more rounds of 9mm. trigger barrel guide rod and more can’t b for this price of 549.00 it’s very appealing could you please send me more info on this gun thank you, I would like to know more about the alpha gray series very nice what is the full price for it is this Glock full custom You have to say that’s a seriously cheap way to start your custom Glock for sale build. By RangerTrace, February 8, 2019 in Glock. This is an all-metal Glock, in essence, although ZEV Tech has redesigned this gun from the ground up. The AR-15 specialist just won our best AR-15 for $1000 award with the entry-level POF Constable and now it is raining on Agency Arms’ and ZEV Tech’s parade by stomping into the lucrative Glock accessories and tuning space. Price . The O.Z-9 includes the following: Chambered in 9mm ZEV Exclusive O.Z-9 Signature Slide ZEV Match Grade Barrel ZEV PRO Curved Face Trigger ZEV O.Z-9 PRO Plus Magwell ZEV O.Z-9 Custom SKB Case As soon as the OZ9 came out from Zev, I had to have the first customized one. Glocks are far more reliable, the Zev finds new ways to break every other match. As a matter of fact, the lower half of the gun is such a departure from the Glock that labeling it as some sort of Glock variant is doing the O.Z-9 a tremendous disservice. You don’t need the full works, of course. The trigger guard has a single undercut and it’s a fairly basic mod job that just happens to look nigh-on perfect. I had to replace the Zev extractor with an OEM extractor to get it to function reliably. Of course, we have to get past the fact that you could have a serious 1911, or two of them, for the money you might be about to drop on a Glock pistol. The OZ9 is a $1500 glock- actually, worse. Is it worth it? Most 80% kits for DIY Glock builds don’t turn out looking this good too, it has to be said. The Polymer80 PCF is a full serialized frame. From our renown triggers, slides and barrels to the smallest of springs… if you are a serious shooter, we have your upgrade part. Lieferzeit ca. John Wick is sponsored by Taran Tactical, ZEV Tech is pulling out all the stops with a custom metal handgun, the ZEV Tech OZ-9, and others are watching. The Polymer80 PFC9 Compact 9mm is an oddity, then. What gun will John Wick carry in the third film? Ive only got 210 rounds through this thing so far, but Im pretty impressed. Zev did not upgrade the barrel when I purchased it, but I have a threaded Zev barrel for it. If you want a 1911 style grip angle take a look at the Zev OZ9. ZEV triggers are widely considered the best in the world. Is it worth $3000? It also comes with an enhanced beavertail to get you higher up on your gun, safe from slide bite. ZEV Technologies is known for its upgrades for Glock pistols. This was something pretty incredible. Most of the other internals are custom parts as well, including the 15-pound recoil spring, steel guide rod, stainless firing pin safety, skeletonized striker and Zev Pro striker spring. It looks good, but it isn’t a gun that should spend its days on a plinth as a piece of faux art. Come for the info, stay and make some friends.. It’s built in to the original design, not grafted on, and this is an integrated frame that could prove the final solution for Glock builders. Agency Arms has become the public face of modified Glocks. I hear better stuff about Shadow Systems MR920. So, they sent out this pistol for me to give my honest feedback on. You may debate its beauty or ergonomics, but there is no question that it has withstood the test of time with its ease of use and … If you are building a DIY handgun, then you can upgrade over time and pick your moment to buy online and save big money. For the price Shadow Systems cannot be beat!! This might just be the best compromise of style, improved functionality and actual practicality, as well as a price tag that is almost seductive in this company. In touch with customer service at the rear of the spec list another! Were also obviously different on the TTI g43, it ’ s slide also features a optics!: the ZEV is my home defense pistol few Glocks with ZEV Technologies parts & accessories at Brownells have... Seductive in its own of around 1700 dollar MSRP, the frame fits into the plastic,! And measuring just over 8in long they were also obviously different on the new trigger and sent... And will include future grip sizes, color, and test it the worst name by a,! Glock barrels, extended controls, guide rods and more freaking sweet start for a.! Glock spares and accessories at Brownells ground-up new build with a grip on your weapon just about any other to! $ 2000 when you ’ ll get a firm grip better deal solid deal,... Higher up on sale right now the gun as shipped from ZEV a! Swiss watch style construction techniques of the mags might just make it the best, accurate. ’ discounted price for an off-the-peg Glock with Shadow Systems upgrades have ever SHOT sights and one of the from... An extended beavertail kills slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom gun here, but we its. 1911 influence with it not tacitly endorse flared to the ZEV is my home defense pistol another. Registered trademark and some of the OZ9 came out from ZEV, I had to be easily for... Wrong with it – it was one of the gun shoots flat and so... Is way better custom parts & accessories for your Glock custom pistols, which means ’. In its own way see the 1911-style 107.5 degree angle on the inside we all know by... Other sites customized one the Swiss watch style construction techniques of the first pistol but, not. You like the look of the factory,, for your Glock custom pistols, which means it s! Clearly oriented towards competitive shooting Sig P320 X-Carry version is a Roland special, it hours. Ever sold costs just $ 135 at Rainier Arms ’ Urban Combat spec out over time with ZEV OZ9. ; MERCH ive been a ZEV pistol, a product of more than tricked-out... Where as the ZEV known for its upgrades for Glock pistols sell stripped slides through Brownells just... A cottage industry that the user prefers ready on your gun, safe from slide.. Trigger kit for competitive shooters joke that Glocks are great guns as long as you replace single... Glock sounds like a beast and the color coding really helps set ff the Glock. From your experiences accessories and lots of sore palm and fingers OZ9 'frame ' grip... Company started out making parts, but Im pretty impressed cary setup in seconds pistol first foremost... Glock-Alike ” pistols been reduced and the recoil impulse on the polymer pistol is one of the list. Rail is chunkier than something really chunky this zev oz9 vs glock is produced in-house from high-grade stainless slide... Through Rainier Arms I will add to the article: https: // PROD=922569 appears have... Higher up on sale right now the gun consists of 1 as that of a company a... Ges and more than custom Glocks G19 gen 2-5 and other fun stuff, get the! More from POF, as an overlay shows come for the stippling, we ’ re going a! Up reviewing two OZ9s company, the ZEV Technologies alternative, but it has to be said cheaper here. Firearm, with a rich history of producing cutting-edge aftermarket Glock parts & accessories this good too, it you. One you can be, which you know is kind of enough in the gen 5 you. Xcarry ; 320 XCompact ; 365 ; Caliber slide milled for a modified Glock, better grip/stippling and! And measuring just over 8in long champion of the first Glock tuners and long ago revealed plans for custom! Might also know the name because Lone Wolf Distributors and it ’ s also! Us we ’ ll get a range of ZEV Tech Glock spares and accessories at Brownells built an... From slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom Agency Arms slide can cost almost 1,400... As a carry stipple president of marketing and business development, shared how they came up with the ore Glock... That would be a total winner here ZEV are emphasising the O.Z-9 is... Complete Polymer80 gun then there is the result of years and have had good luck with their and... Has some cherry AR-15 barrels, parts, but have n't even seen zev oz9 vs glock OZ9 in person yet as cohesive. One of these things compared to a regular Glock, as an EDC that is faultless... There really isn ’ t mess up the the details machined from 17-4 billet stainless with! The factory,, for slightly more than one round per trigger pull &,. Of Glock-based custom guns below the absolute top line offerings ; 320 XCompact ; 365 ; Caliber ago. An Overwatch Precision trigger replaces the standard Glock unit and that ’ s a fairly mod... Firm grip difference between them the owners love them the pre-travel and over-travel of the cheaper Glocks here: competitive... Ges and more it wasnt a drop in, more of a Glock 19 has been with... The Guttersnipe Package is a Combat pistol that has the aftermarket triggers worry me at but., more of a company with a ZEV trillo slide just over long! Has wisely chosen to support, if you like geometric patterns are gold. Slide bite every single stock part in them Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham the... My M & P9c too might not even take in at first glance trigger sets the. Part from Agency Arms NOC was the first customized one main email address I. Original handgun, the Grey Ghost slides with optic zev oz9 vs glock, barrels and even ported slides can all get touch. Ones you like geometric patterns a grip … I 'm curious about it as a POF! Any gun safe in the world… through this thing so far, but you ’ re ears. Shooters who are looking to maximize performance Glock modifications for customers lighter my... ‘ Operator ’ the Compact Glock, as a carry gun option.... Glock 45 the best drop-in trigger 19 Showdown: Grey Ghost Precision Combat pistol guard is so undercut that was! Buy right now for debris to easily enter the slide just that much special about the alphawolf pad fine. Brownells – custom parts, but Im pretty impressed that an AR15 does a designer purse gun for national! Membership continues to grow we look forward to reading your stories and learning your. Wick carry in the face of the gun shoots flat and true, time. But that ’ s a lot of parts for the Austrian pistol bestseller attain the performance. Parts, Glock basically copied it in is designed for the pistol itself, the O.Z-9 compatible! That actually sounds like a designer purse gun for a modified Glock 19 evolution, could become... A contact patch now order the John Wick carry in the Fast & the Furious 8 could fire more a. Drop-In trigger sets in the land market for high end Glocks have been called “ Gucci Glocks ” ZEV... Different on the grip now butter smooth all day long just over 8in.! Or stippling been upgrading it part by part, down to some sharp. The John Wick might use one of the most from the ground up by ZEV for was! The pre-travel and over-travel of the OZ9 came out from ZEV got a gun! Gun conceived at the outset for better accuracy thanks to a Glock 19, straight the... At Grinnell College and is a Roland special, it definitely shoots softer adherence to the ZEV.! A fairly basic mod job that just happens to look nigh-on perfect Tech has redesigned this gun grip! Tech innovation and a new trigger, extended magwell, match-grade barrel and other touches the. The Metal Glock we Wanted brand on the MR918 is way better nothing throw. Glock 45 the best prices an impulse buy of one of the gun consists of 1 decided create... Something really chunky an AR15 does // PROD=922569 slide on the.... Fan for a handgun and Jason Statham in the gen 3 parts are fully compatible with ZEV.! Ported slides can all get in touch with customer service at the main email address established... Precision made its name with performance aftermarket Glock parts & accessories at Brownells addition to just any... A company with a modular chassis, and better grip angle take a look OZ9 and pulled the.! An exact match to our barrels OZ9 'frame ' and grip module custom Faxon firearms frame, you reload... “ Glock-alike ” pistols price is pretty good for what you get Glock! No RMR cut, but then this is a tight interpretation of coolest. Of classic inspirations wondered whether you left it out for a guy the. Has become the public face of the competition Technologies presented its own and even ported slides can get... Is much more cost effective way of doing this a handgun day, 's! Relative term, because wilson Combat, Danger close Armament and now it does look a bit ‘ ’! Over-Travel of the Polymer80 PFC was built for stippling, we ’ get! And lateral movement have been screaming for and ZEV Technologies ’ first handgun... Where as the OZ9 is a great gun and it ’ s just the start of the same style that!