c. Hardware and software used to process data. The valve 1 is a main operating valve which is used to move the ram. Flash ROMc. Due to these f lexible performance parameters, flow control valves have found wide use in applications across materials handling, food processing, and automated factory and warehouse equipment. Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions. Knowledge information processing system B. Mask ROMb. The application of learning theory to training in these areas is also known as: a) Applied cognitive approaches: b) Applied treatment analysis: c) Cognitive behavioural therapy: d) Applied behaviour analysis: Correct! This situation is known as race condition. MCQ in Static and dynamic Memory Devices ; MCQ in Programming and Machine Languages ; MCQ in Information and Acquisition Processing ; MCQ in Analog / Digital Conversion ; MCQ in Computer Networking; Continue Practice Exam Test Questions Part 11 of the Series. A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier (gate) out of the path of the fluid.Gate valves require very little space along the pipe axis and hardly restrict the flow of fluid when the gate is fully opened. Storage 5) A. bracial plexus. A. 27. 8). It also refers to a programming bug or issue that occurs when the thread scheduler swaps the threads at any time between the process. ___ is an open loop control system. The arteries supplying blood to the tissue of the heart are the: A) renal arteries B) myocardial arteries C) coronary arteries D) vena cavae . Increase Speed B. The end of the CNS is also known as. Central Processing Unit is combination of Correct Answer: d. Arithmetic logic and control unit Explanation: Arithmetic … In nursing school (especially health assessment), you will be tested on the pathophysiology, location, and anatomy of the heart blood flow in how it relates to the heart valves. Phase. EPROMd. It uses the vacuum tubes for the circuitry and the magnetic drums for the purpose of memory. The type of memory which is fast and temporarily stores the data which are immediately required for use is called as_____. A dumb terminal has A) an embedded microprocessor B) extensive memory C) independent processing capability D) a keyboard and screen 3. Fifth generation computer is also known as Correct Answer: a. However, the main goal of this type of scheduler is to offer a balanced mix of jobs, like Processor, I/O jobs., that allows managing multiprogramming. 1. It is commonly used in engines with spark ignition that use petrol as fuel, such as the Otto engine, and the Wankel engine.In a manifold-injected engine, the fuel is injected into the intake manifold, where it begins forming a combustible air-fuel mixture with the air. PCS LECTURESHIP COMPUTER SCIENCE MCQ S FREE 2012 To locate a data item for storage is a. Backup storec. All of these77) Secondary memory is also called____:a. Auxiliaryb. 18) The fifth Generation of Computers is also known as… A. 7. Permanent RAMd. It generally occurs during the execution of multi-threaded application. All of the above. False. For more information about a game ban in a specific game, please contact the developer of that game. Memory which can be both read and written to C. Memory which is used for permanent storage Tasks the computer usually performs are: a. Field b. 20. Contiguous memory allocation can be implemented in operating systems with the help of two registers, known as the base and limit registers. Response. B) Vacuum Tubes and Valves C) Integrated Circuits D) None of above 2. b. Flow control valves are also known for their reliability and typically have a long operating lifetime as they are not prone to clogging due to their design. One external switch is attached to the VFD. 19) What is meant by the term RAM? First commercial computer introduce in 1953 that uses valves… Ans : B (Vacuum Tubes and Valves) 22. Static … Root locus method. None of these78) Customized ROMS are called:a. A light spring plus system pressure acting on the larger area at the spring end of the plunger holds the valve closed. A port through the main valve plunger allows system pressure to act on both ends of the plunger. Frequency. B) it is a semilunar valve . Which method is used for stability analysis? Memory which can only be read B. ROM. b. It also regulates the degree of multi-programing. A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from (a) saturation in … c. Semilunar valves are between a ventricle and an artery d. The mitral valve is a semilunar valve. Gain. 18 / 23. Ans: b. Isovolumetric relaxation – the ventricles relax, ready to re-fill with blood in the next filling phase. The main memory of a computer is also called the Primary Memory. Ans : D ( a keyboard and screen ) 23.One millisecond is A) 1 second B) 10th of a seconds C) 1000th of a seconds D) 10000th of a seconds. B. Routh Hurwitz criteria. Connective tissue that anchors spinal cord to sacrum. This switch is for starting and stopping the VFD. Dynamic RAMb. Dynamic RAMb. One millisecond is A) 1 second B) 10th of a seconds C) 1000th of a seconds D) 10000th of a seconds 4. a. a. mitral b. aortic c. tricuspid d. pulmonary . True b. Manifold injection is a mixture formation system for internal combustion engines with external mixture formation. NEET Biology Human Brain Multiple Choice Questions make you feel confident in answering the question in the … A built-in check valve maintains system pressure. Answers: 1) D. All of the above 2) D. Memory 3) C. 8 bits 4) B. When a process is executing in main memory, its base register contains the starting address of the memory location where the process is executing, while the amount of bytes consumed by the process is stored in the limit register. 2. programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as a. system software b. application software c. utility … Unloading valves are also made with a pilot to control the main valve (Fig. Both A and Bd. What is the ratio of amplitude of response to that of the input called? As a nurse or nursing student, you are required to know the basic heart sounds S1 (lub) and S2 (dub) and their location, along with extra heart sounds, such as S3, S4, and heart murmurs. SSD. Practice more on a regular basis with these NEET Biology objective questions on air pollution and improve your subject knowledge & problem-solving skills along with time management. Why was this introduced? Very large scale Integration C. Both of the above D. None of the above. Hence, the correct answer is option (c). Computer Science MCQ's FOR PCS LECTURSHIP, CSS PREPARATION, OTHER IT PROFFESSIONAL TEST AND MANY MORE . 6. cervical enlargement of the spinal cord is at; C4-T1. HDD. Inside the VFD, acceleration, is also known as which of the following: A. Memory which can only be read B. Valve only enforces the game ban as instructed by the game developer. DDR RAM80) Which type of RAM needs regular referred:a. It is of two types- RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). Very large scale Integration C. Both of the above D. None of the above 9) What is meant by the term RAM? Which of the following statements regarding heart valves is NOT true? filume terminale. 26. A. Vacuum Tubes and Valves are the chief component of the first generation computer. A dumb terminal has A) an embedded microprocessor B) extensive memory C) independent processing capability D) a keyboard and screen. cauda equina. In this article, we will discuss each of the phases in more detail; describing the changes in pressure and the actions of the heart valves in the cardiac cycle. (a) Ward Leonard control (b) Field controlled D.C. motor (c) Stroboscope (d) Metadyne. lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord is at; T9-T12. This is also known as systole. A second smaller valve 2 Known as 4/2 pilot valve has been added to allow the main valve to be operated by system pressure. Wednesday, 25 January 2012. Knowledge information processing system Explanation: Fifth Generation computers will have artificial intelligence and will be able to understand making knowledge information processing system possible, 5. Select Switch Valve - The select switch valve’s job is to perform switching control of the torque converter clutch solenoid valve control pressure when lock-up is engaged/disengaged. Threrfource a direction by a pilot valve is used. D. Which heart valve has two cusps? The gate faces can be parallel but are most commonly wedge-shaped (in order to be able to apply pressure on the sealing surface). This diagram shows the flow of information and action from the input signals received by the TCM to the CVT control valves, to the oil pump and to the engine cooling system. The tricuspid valve is an atrioventricular valve. Knowledge information processing system B. Explanation 12. Increase Setpoint C. Speed UP D. Run-Up E. Ramp-Up Ans: E. VFD Objective Questions Pdf Free Download :: 21. Memory which can be both read and written to C. Memory which is used for permanent storage Temperature classification (also known as temperature class, or T class) defines the maximum surface temperature that a product destined for use in a potentially hazardous atmosphere is allowed to operate at, relative to an ambient temperature of -20°C to +40°C. conus medullaris. c. Semilunar valves are between a ventricle and an artery d. The mitral valve is a semilunar valve Answer: D All the following apply to the bicuspid valve except: A) it is also called the mitral valve B) it is a semilunar valve C) it is found on the left side of the heart D) it prevents blood from backing into the left atrium . d. All of the above. Feed c. Database d. Fetch. Static RAMc. Long term scheduler is also known as a job scheduler. 17 / 23. a. Atrioventricular valves are between an atrium and ventricle. the part of the PNS that extends after CNS ends at L1. Word processors, spreadsheets and graphic packages. None of these79) The ram which is created using bipolar transistors is called:a. 8) Fifth Generation of Computer is also known as .... A. Also Read : Open Loop and Closed Loop Animation. Blood is returned to the right side of the heart by the: a. aorta b. vena cavae c. pulmonary vein d. pulmonary artery. A. Ans : C ( 1000th of a seconds ) 24. This scheduler regulates the program and select process from the queue and loads them into memory for execution. also known as peripherals. 20) RAM is used as short memory because it A. is volatile B. is very expensive C. has small capacity D. is programmable. https://newengineeringpractice.blogspot.com/2012/01/electro-pneumatics.html Here, you will discover the NEET Biology MCQ Questions for all Concepts as per the latest syllabus. Drawing a picture, typing a letter and perform calculations. Nyquisit criteria. RAM. The operating force required to move the valve is too high. Game bans were originally introduced to give third-party developers the ability to implement their own anti-cheat system to be used in concert with the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system.