If you are planning to work, study or do business in Lithuania we will assist you to gather required documents and apply for TRP in a fastest way. A residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – Residence Permit) shall grant an alien the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, to choose a place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania… Granting permanent residence to a foreigner who has entered into marriage with a Ukrainian citizen is regulated by the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of Foreign citizens. Work permit In Lithuania. E ach year, thousands of marriage-based residence permits are issued in Ukraine. The Department of Immigration mentions certain conditions on the residence permit as prerequisite on. The main legal act regulating the issues concerning residence permits, their types and conditions of issue is the Law on the Legal status of Aliens (hereinafter - the Law). the Republic of Lithuania for the period of validity of the document. The permanent residence (PR) visa for Lithuania signifies a long term resident status in the republic of Lithuania. 3. “Residence permit of a citizen of a Member State of the European Communities” means a document granting any citizen of an EU Member State and his family member the right of residence in the Republic of Lithuania… Permit of a long-term resident of the Republic of Lithuania to reside in the European Community (hereinafter – a permanent residence permit) means a document entitling an alien to reside in the Republic of Lithuania and certifying the alien’s permanent resident status.. Permanent residence permit of a spouse/partner or Temporary residence permit of a spouse/partner which is valid for no less than 1 year, the document, certifying that the spouse/partner has lived in Lithuania for the past two years, documents confirming reasonable prospect of the spouse/partner being granted the right to permanently live in Lithuania … If you are looking for a job Lithuania might be the perfect country to start your career and move within other Schengen zone member countries. Foreigners who have entered into a formal marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania can also issue a residence permit. If you want to live in EU this is perhaps one of the most affordable option. The relocation of pensioners to the Republic of Lithuania and the granting of a residence permit to them is possible if there is a financial opportunity to provide accommodation in the country. A marriage between Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner is regulated by respective provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine. An alien must submit an application for the issuance of an initial temporary residence permit and other documents to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of the Republic of Lithuania abroad, and an alien who is lawfully staying in the Republic of Lithuania – to a Migration Service in the territory of which he intends to reside. Lithuania refuses to recognise same-sex marriage for residence permit Joseph McCormick January 28, 2016 Lithuania has refused to issue a temporary residence permit to the husband of a Lithuanian man. Residence Permit Lithuania. The document certifies the official status of one’s permanent resident in the Republic of Lithuania. There are several ways of moving to Lithuania, however, all of them imply obtaining a residence permit which can be temporary or permanent.Once the residence permit is obtained, an individual is also entitled to apply for Lithuanian citizenship after a period of time.. PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT. The Lithuanian temporary residence permit is issued to non-EU citizens for a period of 1 year, while the permanent residence … Permanent residence permit is executed for five years and after … If there are at least four of you willing to apply then Lithuania may be a good option. If you have a residence permit in Lithuania, your spouse and children (under 18 years of age) could apply for a residence permit in Lithuania when you have lived in Lithuania for 2 years. You will be employed by a new company and will be awarded a residence permit. Residence permit in Lithuania.