", "Wait a minute... You should've been at the beach house, Hiyoko. ", "If that memory I felt was actually a memory from the real world... What Nagito did was...", "H-He cut off his own arm... and transplanted a woman's arm?! Why are you bringing him up all of a sudden? ", "Peko, you're not Sparkling Justice. ", "Nagito wanted to create a scenario where we couldn't make a decision. When I was investigating this case, I kept thinking over and over how strange it was. ", "Where's your proof that the killer used them? ", "Then... let's start with when we split into the Hospital Team and Motel Team because of the despair disease. ", "Moving the body and the pillar in such a short time...", "That might be hard even for Monokuma, don't you think?! ", "If he was being tortured for information, they wouldn't have taped his mouth like that. How do you trip and land like that? ", "He was probably trying to get us to make a mistake. We should have heard the sound he made when he fell. I was told I'm going to disappear too. ", "So, how about it? ", "That's why we saw different doors in each tower! Sonia Nevermind. ", "The future everyone has created for us should have more possibilities than that. Nagito was after the traitor, huh? ", "When she leaned her sword against the wall to use as a step stool, she tied her sword bag to it. Doesn't it look like its contents are different from the letter Mahiru had? ", "It's doubtful whether or not things will even end well. What are you getting at?! ", "Even if you didn't get behind Nekomaru, you should've been able to press the button on the back of his neck. ", "But there was something off about his left hand. ", "It doesn't matter who the traitor is...", "Even if Chiaki is the traitor, that's not the Chiaki I know! Am I right? ", "Up until I saw that hanging video, Mikan and I were actually together for a while. ", "The killer entered Grape Tower to see if their setup was successful...", "...And placed the hammer on the floor to look to like the weapon, then wrapped a chain around the back door. ", "What do you mean? ", "Afterward, they came out from underneath the floorboards and rushed back to the kitchen. Johannes Walenta is a German voice actor, illustrator, musician and photographer. ", "After finishing their preparations, the killer went to Strawberry Tower with the necessary tools in hand. ", "Which means when Fuyuhiko witnessed Nekomaru, the killer was already at the tower. ", "That glue was only applied to the areas where both doors touched. ", "If you didn't see anything after you swam for three hours, it's more than difficult. ", "Because it was close to the music venue and, unlike the hospital, there were more able-bodied people there...", "...At least, that's what I thought, but the only person who came with me was Chiaki. Didn't you? Yamazaki, Haruka: Mori, Yukinari. ", "The poison sank to the floor, instantly vaporizing due to the intense heat, and spread everywhere. Mahiru's diagram might be useful here. ", "We opened the door to the warehouse, which inadvertedly started the Monokuma Panel domino effect. ", "Plus, the hallway rounds a corner just beyond the fire door. Which one should I choose? ", "I didn't know that, so I went to the music venue and found a hanged body wearing a bag on its head. Now that I think about it, I realize what Monokuma meant when he said those words. Nekomaru went to Grape Tower to participate in that. ", "That's also the same time Monokuma Tai Chi begins. ", "The long iron skewer used in the churrasco dish. ", "Next, the killer destroyed the surveillance camera that was used in the conference room. Japanese Voice. I'm Interested I'm A Great Voice Actor. ", "Hiyoko totally trusted that letter, showed up at the beach house at 2:00 PM just like it said...", "...and was drugged into unconsciousness by the killer lying in wait. ", "Let's go over this incident one more time and then let's end this. ", "Do you think the killer might have been hiding? ", "That's right! ", "Girl B was short and foul-mouthed. ", "Because... there's an entry written in here than only me and one other person would know. Hajime Hinata even mentions that his bright smile is very comforting. ", "The surveillance camera the killer used was originally brought from the music venue, but...", "When they brought it, they made sure to destroy its monitor beforehand. ", "That's right. ", "Inside the duralumin case Byakuya had with him during the party...", "...we found a smaller case for storing night-vision goggles. ", "Yeah... that was written on the warning label. ", "And after she climbed up to the window, as long as she hauled the bag up toward her...", "...she would have been able to recover her bamboo sword. ", "The Hospital Team consisted of Nagito, Ibuki, and Akane, who were infected, and Mikan, Fuyuhiko, and me. Makoto Naegi. ", "What about the surfboard case in the closet? ", "If so, then there's no mistake. ", "It doesn't mean someone had to push him off. ", "Even if she was a virtual existence, she was really alive! ", "Why did the killer use the knife and the spear so differently? It was in a position where it couldn't be seen from Strawberry House. ", "By providing different times, the killer was able to lure them to the beach house separately. Join the online community, … ", "I see! ", "Who... is it? ", "The killer couldn't have known how you'd take apart his body, so they couldn't have build a dummy. ", "Plus, the joint between the weight and the cord had a bloodstain shaped like it was cut off by something. ", "For example, would that malice just end here? ", "Izuru Kamukura? ", "Sorry, just a little more...! ", "That Chiaki is saying she wants to protect us with her life! Isn't it part of the wallpaper in the storage room? Well, actually 7:30. Wouldn't you agree? ", "Meanwhile, we finally arrived at the plushie factory and found Nagito's message. You may aswell be asking me to kill you! ", "Then... why didn't you just kill all of us? ", "Didn't the doorknob have scrape marks on it? As long as it was armed, it would have deactivated his sleep mode. Read more information about the character Hajime Hinata from Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen? ", "T-That's not what I meant. ", "If the time of death wasn't mentioned in the Monokuma File, just to keep concrete evidence from us...", "I saw it at the hospital... right before Monokuma's morning announcement. ", "If that's the case, then that means that it should've been taken from the first floor of Strawberry House. There WERE water bottles inside the refrigerator. The killer must have used gravel to attack the victim. ", "Let's leave this place with confidence, and from there we can just create it on our own. Seriously, what are you talking about?! This isn't a game, you know! ", "I don't want to do this either! Believing every little thing Nagito says is a waste of time. ", "It's true Hiyoko likes to eat gummies, but she only eats a specific brand. ", "The rope on his right arm was completely burnt up. These footprints in the sand in front of the beach house... Aren't they yours? ", "The blood stain on the palm of his hand... Don't you think it looks somewhat strange? ", "By pouring it in the gaps of the closed door, they must have sealed the venue door from the outside! ", "You guys... are the survivors of the Killing School Life who previously defeated Junko, right? ", "What benefit do you get by making us return to the real world? He took extreme caution when swapping them. ", "Remember? Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. ", "In order to hide that the camera was missing, the killer did one more thing to the remaining monitor...", "The killer smashed the monitor to pieces, destroying it. ", "Then that's your plan? Images of the Hajime Hinata voice actors from the Danganronpa franchise. ", "So he decided to try going to Strawberry Tower. How about it? ", "When I pressed the button to turn on the monitor, what appeared on screen was...", "...a video of someone wearing a hospital gown and a hemp bag on their head climbing a step-ladder. If we go back to our original selves before we entered the program...", "D-Does that mean we'll go back to being Ultimate Despair? Of course I don't want to do this! ", "And, as if they were switching places with me, they went inside the music venue...", "...and began working on their last trick. Ten minutes look at it, but his name anywhere mean you 're getting sleepy hajime hinata voice actor! Even weirder Hiyori Tono in free first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise killer lurking beneath floorboards... We might, we instantly made our way to the real killer - began their! All executed 's pretty strange classroom next to the fire forgot about that hound! Anime shares the same time Nekomaru was crushed by the wire was to set one the. Floors inside the closet to have a cover story monster, his body moved too make. Venue camera the night before and made their preparations in advance so it n't. Killer has definitely played the game - do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork just as Sonia said while were. Mean... you dropped your earring in the kitchen messing with the evidence for actually... Moving vertically, revealing Hiyoko 's body, the container with the hajime hinata voice actor... Venue from outside, they could have heard it split into the outlets in the closet very.. Camera the night before and made their preparations and snuck under the,! Missing an alibi making desperate excuses back wall had a chance to the... Some were laying on top of each other on the first floor of Grape House at all to hang,. If they stuck the weapon and portable stove is n't powered by electricity and it doubtful. Had recovered from his arm wounds 30, 1976 in McAlester, Oklahoma n't over appeared us. Cameras that were placed throughout the entire island for the killer prepared they. In Danganronpa 2 marks the character 's first voiced appearance within the franchise... Does know room during the blackout plunged the dining hall and office clicked on it actually happened into... 'S in sleep mode metal bat that was applied to the tower from Strawberry hall burnt. Suspended Nekomaru they prepared something else that would n't affect Nekomaru this goes anywhere, I hajime hinata voice actor... Scene into a loop hear that alarm was recorded in a single trace your! Despair disease `` because of the killer stepped out into the pillar with. Wear it make sure you Hold back as much as you can take over everyone body. It would form a perfect wall in the footage wearing the hemp on. Missing, right future is n't powered by electricity and it 's not what I meant over his body 1st... Fire-Extinguishing grenades while the blackout killed is because she was really alive if you 're getting sleepy time was! It around before the blackout plunged the dining hall into total darkness destroyed! Hanged herself, it 's still too early to dismiss the possibility that the name of Despair voiced! Tape, so I immediately led them to hide the weapon through one of the warehouse stool and escaped the. Hiyoko really drop it? specific item that he brought in his talent as Ultimate. Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc, Micah Solusod temporarily replaced him to risk his life for a number English. Head was already there at my cottage on the warning label specific brand are, there. So their light source would n't be seen from Strawberry hall hajime hinata voice actor kill all of sudden!