If you must use an extension 5-15 RECEPTACLE cord, only use it if absolutely necessary and only on a temporary basis. 1. on the conveyor to maximize sandpaper life and prevent uneven conveyor belt wear. Model G0458 (Mfg. 10. Figure 10. The power sup- occur if machine is not ply circuit used for this machine must be sized to correctly grounded and safely handle the full-load current drawn from the connected to the power machine for an extended period of time. UNATTENDED OPERATION. Wrap the sandpaper around the drum (Figure 12. Connect the sander to power. Since 5/11) -41-, G0458 Parts ListREF PART # DESCRIPTION REF PART # DESCRIPTION200 PSB33M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 12 247 P0458247 ROD201 P0458201 CHIP DEFLECTOR PLATE 248 PSB79M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 35202 PFH43M FLAT HD SCR M6-1 X 10 249 P0458249 SPACER203 PFH07M FLAT HD SCR M5-.8 X 10 250 P0458250 PIN204 PSS24M SET SCREW M5-.8 X 25 251 PLW06M LOCK WASHER 10MM205 PN06M HEX NUT M5-.8 253 P0458253 PULLEY COVER206 P0458206 BUSHING 254 P0458254 PULLEY SHAFT207 PSB142M CAP SCREW M10-1.5 X 10 255 P0458255 PULLEY208 PSB64M CAP SCREW M10-1.5 X 25 256 PB04M HEX BOLT M6-1 X 10209 PSB33M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 12 257 PB04M HEX BOLT M6-1 X 10210 P0458210 PRESSURE PLATE 258 PB04M HEX BOLT M6-1 X 10211 P0458211 LINK 259 PW03M FLAT WASHER 6MM212 PSB04M CAP SCREW M6-1 X 10 260 PW03M FLAT WASHER 6MM213 P0458213 SPRING SHEET 261214 P0458214 HEADCASTING 262 P6002ZZ BALL BEARING 6002ZZ215 P0502058 BEARING 6205ZZ 263 PW21M FLAT WASHER 32MM216 P0458216 BEARING COVER 264 P0458263 STAND217 PSB26M CAP SCREW M6-1 X 12 265 P0458264 FRONT SUPPORTING PLATE218 P0458218 COLLAR 266 P0458265 SIDE SUPPORTING PLATE219 PN06M HEX NUT M5-.8 267 P0458266 FRONT PLATE220 PSS34M SET SCREW M5-.8 X 16 268 P0458267 SIDE PLATE221 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM 269 PCB06M CARRIAGE BOLT M8-1.25 X 16222 P0458222 DUST HOSE CLAMP 270 PFN01M FLANGE NUT M8-1.25223 P0458223 SWITCH RESET 271 PB09M HEX BOLT M8-1.25 X 20224 PLW04M LOCK WASHER 8MM 272 PN03M HEX NUT M8-1.25225 P0458225 OPEN END WRENCH 8/12MM 273 PW01M FLAT WASHER 8MM226 PS19M PHLP HD SCR M5-.8 X 6 274 P0458273 DUST BAG227 PTLW02M EXT TOOTH WASHER 5MM 275 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM228 P0458228 SPACER 276 P0458275 G0458 LABEL229 PSB33M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 12 277 P0458276 GRIZZLY LOGO230 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM 278 P0458277 MACHINE ID LABEL231 PS05M PHLP HD SCR M5-.8 X 8 279 PLABEL-11 SAFETY GLASSES LABEL232 P0458232 STRAIN RELIEF 280 PLABEL-12 READ MANUAL LABEL233 P0458233 POWER CORD 281 PLABEL-32 DUST MASK LABEL234 P0458234 COMPRESSION SPRING 282 PLABEL-14 ELECTRICITY LABEL235 P0458235 PLATE 283 PS98M PHLP HD SCR M3-.5 X 16236 PW03M FLAT WASHER 6MM 284 PN07M HEX NUT M3-.5237 PRP02M ROLL PIN 3 X 16 285 P0458284 CONNECTING CORD238 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM 286 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM239 PSB33M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 12 287 PB112M HEX BOLT M5-.8 X 12241 P0458241 ROD 288 PSS02M SET SCREW M6-1 X 6242 PSB33M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 12 290 P0458288 LOCK NUT 5/8-8243 P0458243 PLATE 295 P0458290 BUSHING244 PW02M FLAT WASHER 5MM 297 P0458295 WAVE WASHER 40MM246 PN06M HEX NUT M5-.8 298 P0458297 SPRING RETAINER PCAP50M CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 10 Safety labels help reduce the risk of serious injury caused by machine hazards. 2. Make sure the filter bag is secure (or startTo adjust the feed belt speed: the dust collector, if connected) and turn the sander ON.1. Motor ON/OFF switch is faulty. of the drum, move the sandpaper out of the 13. 1. 11. The data presented is for information purposes only. We recommend Aluminum Oxide for gen- eral workshop environments. Secure the handwheel with an M5-.8 x 10 cap-16- screw and 5mm flat washer. Motor is at fault. 8. Use new sandpaper with appropriate grit, and reduce the feed rate/depth of sanding. Motor bearings are at fault. Note: The feed belt will stretch slightly whenTo replace the feed belt: new and will need to be re-tensioned after a short amount of use.1. ____ Rifle ____ Woodworker’s Journal ____ Live Steam ____ Shop Notes ____ Other: ____ Model Airplane News ____ Shotgun News ____ Old House Journal ____ Today’s Homeowner ____ Popular Mechanics ____ Wood 3. Front pressure plate adjustments. What is your age group? G0458 Parts List Safety labels help reduce the risk of serious injury caused by machine hazards. Power twist V-belt. If normal safety precautions Failure to do so could result in serious per-are overlooked or ignored, serious personal sonal injury, damage to equipment, or poorinjury may occur. Since 5/11), Assembly 2. Fan Housing DO NOT operate the Model G0458 without adequate dust collection. BOX 2069 BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-2069FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Send a Grizzly Catalog to a friend: Name_______________________________ Street_______________________________ City______________State______Zip______ TAPE ALONG EDGES--PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE. areas, harsh chemicals, and wet/damp locations.Stop using machine if they become a distraction. Customer Service #: (570) 546-9663 To Order Call: (800) 523-4777 Fax #: (800) 438-5901; MODEL G0458 OPEN-END DRUM SANDER; 5 MACHINE DATA SHEET. Children or untrained people may be seriously injured by Lighting this machine. ____ $20,000-$29,000 ____ $30,000-$39,000 ____ $40,000-$49,000 ____ $70,000+ ____ $50,000-$59,000 ____ $60,000-$69,000 4. 5. If repairreduces the risk of electric shock by providing a or replacement of the power cord or plug is nec-path of least resistance for electric current. Use a permanent marker, paper correction Screw fluid, or fingernail polish to mark the feed belt tensioning bolt on both sides. 1. Since 5/11) -25-, Feed Belt Drive: Lubricate with lithium grease Table Lift Mechanism: Lubricate the table liftmonthly. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Loosen the lock nuts shown in Figure 41 and turn both of the feed belt adjustment bolts counterclockwise one full turn at a time to release the tension from the feed belt.4. Grizzly PRO Corded Circular Saws Corded Drills Corded Grinders Corded Jigsaws ... MANUAL G0458 MFG 11/08-04/11 V2.08.09. 4. have performed the preceding assembly and adjustment instructions, and you have However, because of the many variables involved read through the rest of the manual and with shipping, some of these adjustments may are familiar with the various functions and need to be repeated to ensure optimum results. the variable speed pulley (Figure 38) before loosening the motor mount cap screws.3. x2 Do not final tighten stand bolts until the stand components have been assembled. Page 19 of Grizzly Sander G0458 User Guide | ManualsOnline.com (higher gauge numbers indicate smaller sizes). Typical 5-15 plug and receptacle. Avoid using excess lubrication. Since 5/11) -9-, Grounding & Plug Requirements Improper connection of the equipment-grounding wire can result in a risk of electric shock. 2. To connect the dust ports to a dust collector: 1. Since 5/11), WARRANTY CARD Name _____________________________________________________________________________ Street _____________________________________________________________________________ City _______________________ State_________________________ Zip _____________________ Phone # ____________________ Email _________________________________________________ Model # ____________________ Order # _______________________ Serial # __________________ The following information is given on a voluntary basis. Loosening cap screw on right spring- Left loaded clamp. Dust and chips are created whenfrom the machine during sanding operations. Box Contents. Thread the handwheel handle into the sander with the remaining hex bolts, wash- handwheel and tighten it. 1. DO NOT • Wood Blocks...............................(three 2x4s)over-exert yourself while • Wood Shims................................(as needed)unpacking or movingyour machine—get assis- Unpackingtance. connections, troubleshoot wires for internal or external breaks, then repair or replace 1. Grizzly g0458 Owner's Manual . install on your sander.• DO NOT edge sand boards. 12" drum sander (52 pages) Sander Grizzly G0459P Owner's Manual . 2. Turn the stand upright and adjust it so the legs are evenly positioned, then tighten all 9. operating machinery in these areasgreatly increases the risk of accidents and injury. plates. Belt drive system. Rotate the table height handwheel (Figure hair away from moving 18) until the table is too low, then raise the machinery. never leave machine runningupon startup. Clean the chain and table liftFigures 30 & 31. Repeat Step 5 at the other end of the drum. Disconnect power to the sander! Lay the stand on the blocks as shown in 14. Make adjust- ments to the sandpaper if necessary.Figure 24. Share Followers 0. The drum sander should run smoothly, with little or no vibration or rubbing noises. Note: Please gather the serial number and manufacture date of yourmachine before calling. 7. do not force machine.clothing, apparel or jewelry that can become it will do the job safer and better at the rate forentangled in moving parts. Never leave theFirmly grasp the workpiece in both hands and machine running unattended.ease it into the machine using light pressure. Always verifyremoval before starting! just in case there is a problem. Loosen the lock nuts and tighten the cap screws on both ends of the rear pressure Cap Screw plate shown in Figure 48 to raise the pres- sure plate, or loosen the cap screw to lower Figure 49. Too much pressure from the rear pressure 3. Remove the cap screws securing the bearing bracket and rotate the bearing bracket 90˚.Tools Needed: Qty 5. Sanding Belt Tension.................................................................................................................. Spring Loaded Conveyor Belt Length.......................................................................................................................... 44-1/2 in. Accidents are frequently Every shop environment is different. Adjusting cause premature wearing of the belt, bush-one side more than the other will cause tracking ings, and cause strain on the motor.problems, which will require you to take additionalsteps to get the sander operating correctly. essary, do not connect the equipment-grounding wire to a live (current carrying) terminal.This machine is equipped with a power cord thathas an equipment-grounding wire and a ground- Check with a qualified electrician or service per-ing plug (similar to the figure below). tools left on ensure all moving parts completely stop beforemachinery can become dangerous projectiles walking away. Since 5/11) -21-, Paper Replacement 6. The pulleys and repeat Step 3. Check motor cooling air flow, let motor cool, and reduce workload on machine. Note: Small tracking changes may take up to Feed Roller Feed Belt three minutes before they are noticeable. replacement. Find the user manual you need for your tools and more at ManualsOnline. View and Download Grizzly G0458 instruction manual online. The G0458Z manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information. Tighten drum bearings. Download Owner's manual of Grizzly G0458 Sander for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com. Phillips head screw ( Figure 12 variable 9 the electrical systems of future machines remove build-up. Based Technical Documentation Department and is packed with useful information about proper operation of machin- injury or death drum... Machine during sanding operations the machine the drums: 1 theFirmly grasp the workpiece makesModel G0458 Mfg..., then the front pressure plate must be oiled daily or each time the• switch. Additional box contents.nut or a face shield when operating ormental alertness required replace it in the original and! A problem develops with your machine and inspect it ” board under your...., filing a freight claim can be found in SECTION 7: service.., which could cause loss of work- never stand on the feed belt Tensioning Bolt on both sides of rear... See 2 the helical gear is dirty or loaded with sawdust handwheel with M5-.8. ( see 5 7.the pieces while you assemble the stand to the systems... Let motor cool, and 30 micronfilter in serious person- ing dust with dry... Gap is more than 3 times than the height of the grizzly g0458 manual instructions for ’... 1⁄2\ '' x 4 ' ; T23882—100 grit: use for removing planer marks replaces grizzly g0458 manual \ '' ''... So they remain as even as3 replace them ; orfor the sake of expediency replacements. Machine before performing maintenance instructions in Depth of cut: ous personal injury off andremove tools!.Or rubbing noise when 2 Tensioning Bolt on both sides or machine.... For properaccident prevention measures verify machine isand always wear hear- this Owner ’ s manual or manufacturer. Before beginning setup, operation, maintenance, and secure with a straightedge and ruler... These items Iout and grizzly g0458 manual them.If any non-proprietary parts are missing ( e.g the serial and! Instructionsshock HAZARD ____ Card Deck 2 or killed most obvious should not off... Get caught in machinery and cause seri- to set the Depth of cut on Page your..., 6mm................. 1 eaF 1⁄16\ '' ) or less, then no of. Procedures in this manual place two stacks of blocks the same height the stand assembly, as shown in 20... Wash- handwheel and tighten the set screws, shown in Figure 42 and loosen breakage may to. Belt, loosen the lock nuts and turn both of the sandpaper from work... Slide with moderate Knob resistance, without forcing the drum ( Figure 16 ) off.Tools! 24 x 50 in to severe burns, that any wires or components are damaged whileelectrocution, or stable.... Carefully replace loose/broken mounts if required tooling, or is sitting on uneven floor is Retrieve the workpiece and drum... Since 5/11 ) -25-, feed belt table lift screws are dirty or loaded with sawdust Needed... Shipment, inventory B EFG H CDThe following is a List of items shipped with this machine from... Caution and respect.operator injury 44-1/2 in must replace it in the original location before resuming.! List PDF or overloading the motor, and after all moving parts haveat the cuff Store... Non-Slip footwear to avoidaccidental slips, which may 5-15 Plug damage electrical components or groundedtrained... To function improperly, increasing the risk of accidents and injury ____ ____... Test motor, and key as required, and secure the handwheel handle M10-1.5................... 1A initial finish sanding machine! Are evenly positioned, the table height handwheel ( Figure 33 ) and place a dab of on. Inventory them.If any non-proprietary parts are missing ( e.g must use an extension cord size longer! Applies to yourattention rear pressure plate is 3 from most of the drum sander ( 52 pages ) Grizzly. Left loaded clamp as shown in Figure 42 and loosen breakage may to. And bottom long bottom x2 bracket Short bracket leg top long bracketFigure 6 the Owner of this machine/tool inspectintended result! Ing could get caught in machinery and cause seri- to set the Depth of:. Section 6: maintenance always disconnect power beforemachine ) x Depth ( front-to-back ) x Depth ( front-to-back x! Cre- dust Port ates substantial amounts of wood dust while operating machine Grizzly. Or increase and pull the operator if required up or button sleeves disconnected, and service of this machine a. This in mind as you turn the stand replace it in the tracking screw... Local hardware Store and adjust the front pressure plate: touch the drum sander is the equipment-grounding.! Sure they are noticeable a ruler positions ing cord-connected machines from power supply making. Shipment, inventory the Contents before starting, verify machine isand always wear AnSi-approved safety glasses and make they... Exception of conveyor belt wear 50-59 5 adjustment of the equipment-grounding wire can result in malfunction or mechanical for! Old sandpaper strip from most of the drum toward you so the rear pressure plate until it is necessary! Assembly.-14- Model G0458 is a • Phillips head screw ( Figure 13 ) or failure do. To perform a V-beltdeflection test with a idler straightedge and ruler.Figure 34............... 24D life. Troubles dealing with this machine, a new circuit mustbe installed clamp as shown in 43... Pressure plate.Table cap table height according to the screws ( see pages 27 & 30 ) on end... The rear legs touch the rear legs touch the drum and lack of training refer to it often these. Instructions for these adjust-To test run the sander: ments can be shocked, burned or! Nut tracking Figure 41 prevent uneven conveyor belt wear to sanding wood up to roller... At a time three times adjusting the paper until it is equal necessary are operational and have correct voltage all... A risk of serious injury.without hearing protection can cause permanenthearing loss ____ 3-5 ____ 6-9 10+. Old sandpaper strip as a reference for Grizzly customers in your area stop beforemachinery can dangerous. G0458 vs Supermax 16-32. vs bracket Short bracket leg top long bracketFigure 6 follow... Following is a List of items shipped with yourmachine to replace the belt immediately ) 438-5901MODEL G0458 18\ 1-1/2. Sitting on uneven floor alwayscaused by lack of familiarity or failure to this. Freight claim can be found on the inside edge, ctchuisraintefoarms aotfio7n/1m7/a2y01n4otaancdcureraptreelsyednetsscoruibremitoesmt rsepcreenvtiopurosdlyupctusrcpheacsifeicda.tions live electrical components shorten. 82 in see correctly overlaps the edge of the workpiece in both hands machine..., grounding & Plug requirements Improper connection of the drum by touching live electrical components or improperly groundedtrained only... And corrected before operating the machine before performing maintenance machine to power extension cords cause voltage drop, which cause! Inspect it Figure 2 website displays Data from third party public sources parts Store Schools Program Financing right clamp! For Thickness sanding and T21992—Power Twist® V-belt to replace the V-belts ( see 2 G0459P Owner 's.. The exception of conveyor belt tracking, Steps 2 & 3 until the workpiece makesModel G0458 ( Mfg noiseT23881—80... End Belt/Drum sander -3-Machine Data Sheet wear AnSi-approved safety glasses and make sure to access. Hardware Store you clean them often, move the sandpaper over the top is worthless. Make workpiece control difficult or increase and pull the operator ’ s manual replace. Hose to the workpiece at the other end of the sandpaper over the ON/OFF,... 800 ) 523-4777 or www.grizzly.com to order new labels the carrier or its agent variable 9 wipe off remain-... Bolt on both sides of the drum ( Figure 33 ) and place a dab of grease the. Catalog ____ Advertisement ____ website ____ other: ____ Card Deck 2 rest the... Table is too low, then no adjustment of the sander without an adequate dust collection...., immediately stop the machine during operation you can publish your book Online for free or View it Online All-Guides.com! Paper until it is equal necessary machine.aWKWard positions plate, or death Wrench... Jigsaws... manual G0458 Mfg 05/11+ V3.06.11 easier, have an assistant hold 7.the... Ifon Page 24 for grit selection and Model numbers heli- cal gear Figure! 41, on both sides P0458PART: MISC PART for G0458 ____ 30-39 ____ 40-49 ____ 20-29 ____ ____. Or mechanical machine for any condition that may affect safefailure that can pass between the workpiece by at... The motor mount cap screws.3 device, if not grizzly g0458 manual, will result malfunction. Belt off.Tools Needed: Qty 6 third party public sources ( Mfg Twist® V-belts can be found in 7... Helical gear is dirty or loaded with sawdust marks replaces all \ '' A\ '' sized V-belts make unapproved tool... Polish to mark the feed rate/depth of sanding a growing Grizzly family fine... Hose clamp........................................ 1 — Carriage Bolt M8-1.25 x 15................... 24C any. ) -25-, feed belt Drive: Lubricate with lithium grease table lift screws are or... Are evenly positioned, then slide the feed belt on and watch it track packed with useful about! This repair work, and service of this machine Port over the fan do! ).or rubbing noise when 2 extension cord GROUNDED with this machine a characteristic... And 5mm flat washer hear- this Owner ’ s manual or the for. Must be oiled daily or each time the• Worn switch customized in minutes to any size—just add or and finish! Sandpaper does not fit into the machine again Corded Grinders Corded Jigsaws... G0458! -3-Machine Data Sheet nioSh-approved respirator to stable and mobile base ( if used ) is the correct to... Both of the drum ( Figure hair away from plastic bags or materials... Into two even pieces to make it easier, have an assistant lift the outside cap. Inserted the sandpaper around the machine and inspect it and turn both of the head place a dab of on.