Review the basic lessons necessary to winning in this addictive trading card game. This ignores immunities (i.e. Doomtrain's Runaway Train attack deals poison-based damage and additionally inflicts a slew of status ailments on all … Final Fantasy VIII: Beginner’s Guide to Triple Triad. Inflicts Defend status on self, nullifying physical attacks (including those that inflict statuses) and halves damage taken from magical attacks until the character selects another command. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Does not affect spells cast under Double. Laguna Dream 2: Centra 7. For Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on the PC, GameFAQs has 4 cheat ... cheats (all items, all abilities, max GF levels, max Gil, max magic,.... Re: Final Fantasy VIII Cheat Table. All Limit Breaks: Unlock all Limit Breaks. GF Max Level: Max out levels for all acquired GFs. - Use refine abilities. Refine Lightning- and Wind-elemental Magic from Items. Since both spells (and Ultima especially) are awesome in Junctions, you'll probably be making good use of this ability once you have Bahamut. If N/A is marked here, it means the ability cannot be learned via Items, and thus should not be removed (using Amnesia Greens) from the list of any GFs that know it if you're going for a perfect file. Permanently increases character's max HP by 30 any time a level is gained while the ability is equipped. Chapter 4: Timber 6. Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation console. This section is a list of abilities you can assign to your characters. Final Fantasy VIII, a 1999 best-selling role-playing video game by Squaresoft, features an elite group of mercenaries called "SeeD", as well as soldiers, rebels, and political leaders of various nations and cities. The only drawback is that how late in the game you get it... Refines mid-level Magic from low-level Magic. Requires confirmation, mastered skills/abilities cannot be undone. Raises GF's Summon attack damage by 40%. If the GF's HP is reduced to zero, the summon will be canceled and the GF will be KO'd. Refine Ice- and Water-elemental Magic from Items. Final Fantasy VIII was the first game in the series to feature a card battling mini-game: Triple Triad. Released in 1999, it is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. We’re here to help with this Final Fantasy 8 GF guide.. Causes healing items (e.g. Magic is a junction ability every Guardian Force has already mastered in Final Fantasy VIII. The cave of truth. All Card's Guide for Final Fantasy VIII videos in the order of when picked up first inside the game the first video is how to Card enemies then it gets into the who and where to get the Cards! I don't find this ability overly useful (it only gives healing items for GFs and none of the items it can produce are able to converted into anything except other GF Recovery Items), but it doesn't take that much AP to learn, so you might as well learn it early. Does not prevent fixed encounters (for example, boss battles or battles triggered by crossing a certain area). All of the GFS Abilities i have learn from all 16 GFS in Final Fantasy 8 took ages and ages. The PC version will retain its exclusive options like unlocking all moves, GF abilities, Triple Triad cards and weapons (massive time-saver that shaves off dozens of hours), and all … When a Guardian Force is junctioned to a human, two kinds of beings are brought together, and if the junctioner possesses a comparable consciousness, the Guardian Force will lose its solid form and can only manifest for limited periods of time. Lookin' good! Ideally, a character with Cover should be in the middle slot (characters on the ends can only cover the middle character). Shiva's Ice Magic Refine ability can turn Fish Fins that drop from the fish guys on the beach outside Balamb into 20 Water spells, which are pretty good early on. Final Fantasy VIII is a game for the Sony Playstation console. All refinement abilities (in other words, almost all abilities in this section) will have a complete list of possible refinements listed in their sections. This ability tends to be rather inefficient, but it does provide an alternate means to item hunting for upgrading your Magic inventory. No enemies can boost Luck by being Devoured, by the way. Causes the character to counterattack (with the Attack command) any time they are targeted by a single-target physical attack. For information about effects of specific GF Summon effects, please refer to the data for the GF in question. The "Devour"- command can be a very useful ability... if you know how to handle this power correctly, my son! Ammo-RF is the only necessary one of the missing abilities and you probably unlocked doom along the way as well when you got it with Seifer. Permanently increases character's Magic by 1 any time a level is gained while the ability is equipped. Description is the description in the menu of the ability, while Taught By indicates which item, if any, teaches the ability. All must be in their high-level forms to receive a stat boost. If the move succeeds, 93.75% of the time you'll receive the Card in the Card (Common) slot (normally the enemy's own card), while 6.25% of the time you'll receive the Card in the Card (Rare) slot (typically a Boss Card). All these abilities were re-added in the PlayStation release. Some enemies (usually bosses, but some normal enemies as well) are immune to Devour, in which case it will fail. Gives the character permanent, unremovable Reflect status while equipped. We are the best and most popular video game cheat provider. Does not affect Diablos, Cactuar, or GFs that do not use damaging attacks. Max Gil: Max out number of Gils. Remember that casting a Junctioned spell will reduce your stock, in turn reducing the potency of the associated stat or elemental/status effect. Buffs to certain attributes include those of strength, resistance and vitality. Here’s how you acquire all Guardian Force units in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered. Gives the character permanent, unremovable Shell status while equipped. They must be Junctioned to a character using the Ability Junction menu. Going through the archives from the old site, I found this, it seems to work and have a few extra options still available such as the items and card game fun.. Everything else is pretty worthless except dark matter from tool-rf. Refine GF Ability Items from other Items. Allows you to boost the GF's damage during its summon animation. Remember that in order to assign any ability to a character, they must have a GF equipped that knows the ability, then you must go into the Junction menu and assign them. Attempts to turn a monster into a Card. When casting spells under Double status, only one spell in inventory will be used. Abilities and vital statistics for the Ifrit Guardian Force in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII, PlayStation Network, PS, PS1, PSX, PSN) Causes character to begin battle with a full ATB guage. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This is by far the best refinement ability in the game, and guess what? Refine Status Recovery Items from other Items. We can only level up one chara at a time, so junction the GFs with "- Bonus" abilities (Cactuar has all of them, but other GFs can also be combined to get all four "- Bonus" abilities… Automatically uses the first Restorative Item in the main Item list (not the battle menu) when the character is damaged. FF8 GF Locations & Abilities Quezacotl. Refine Bio and status attack Magic (except Slow and Stop, which are both refined using Time Mag-RF) from Items. Interestingly, Rare Item only improves the odds of the Uncommon slot and reduces all the others (including the Rare slot to 0), making this ability nearly always worthless. Refine Character Recovery Items (except Forbidden Medicine, which is refined using Forbid Med-RF, and Status Recovery Items, which are refined using ST Med-RF) from other Items. Note: If you need to free up some ability slots on a GF purchase Amnesia Greens from the Timber Pet Shop and unlearn abilities that you don't need (Draw, Item, Magic, GF are all abilities you can get rid of on most GFs) Return to Final Fantasy 8 Guides Index This is highly useful if you want to reduce the Exp gained from battles, or you need Mugs/Drops from a lower-leveled version of the enemy. Med LV Up is mostly a novelty, but its most famous (and important) use is to make the Remedy+ Items needed to recruit Doomtrain, so be sure to learn this ability. Allows you to Junction Magic to a character's Magic stat, increasing magical potency. Refine Meteor and Ultima Magic from Items. Removes Berserk, Confuse, Curse, Darkness, Doom, KO, Petrifying, Petrify, Poison, Sleep, Silence, Slow, Stop, Vit0, and Zombie from one target. Turns Cards into Items. Chapter 7: Deling City 10. Summoning Guardian Forces are tricky business, but one that reaps a whole lot of rewards. All Card's Guide for Final Fantasy VIII videos in the order of when picked up first inside the game the first video is how to Card enemies then it gets into the who and where to get the Cards! Refines Items into improved versions. Causes character to do a physical attack for triple his/her normal Attack damage, at the expense of losing 10% of their maximum HP each time the command is used. Many of the Special Abilities are designed for use by one character early on in the game and many of them do not require any MP to use. Abilities are learned by first equipping a weapon, armor, or accessory that teaches the ability. Does not affect Diablos, Cactuar, or GFs that do not use damaging attacks. White … Swd Mag. In a return to Balamb Garden, you'll end up fighting Rajin and Fujin, Seifer's disciplinary … Even then, I don't know why you would want to draw anything other than GFs and a select few spells in the first place. Hidden Draw Points can still be used without this ability, however they will be invisible (although solid). Chapter 6: Tomb of The Unknown King 9. Final Fantasy VIII. Be aware that KO'd GF's cannot be Summoned. A listing of the abilities that can be learned by Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, … Does not affect spells cast under Triple. Allows you to assign up to a total of three Character and Party Abilities to a character. If you are looking for cheats online, then you should join us. Causes character to perform an attack with his/her equipped weapon. Does not affect Diablos, Cactuar, or GFs that do not use damaging attacks. The Mug Party Command will change the Attack command to Mug, which is identical to Attack except it adds a chance to steal. if it has 25% of its max HP left, Card will succeed 75% of the time). Ingredient indicates the inputs, while Yield is the Item/Magic produced by the refinement. Allows you to Junction up to four spells to Elem-Def, reducing damage taken from elemental attacks. These abilities affect the GF itself (but not other GFs), particularly when it is Summoned. This is likely the most useful item-to-item refinement skill (and second only to the almighty Card Mod out of all refinement abilities), unless you're big into stat boosting (Forbid Med-RF). Final Fantasy VIII Wiki Guide. Quote by: Selphie, To Squall in his evening uniform. These abilities open up Junction slots (remember that no Magic and no more than 3 Command Abilities and 2 total Character/Party Abilities can be Junctioned without a proper Junction Ability learned), allowing you to increase stats, modify elemental or status properties, or assign more than two Character/Party Abilities. Version: 1.51 | Updated: 12/19/2019 Highest Rated Guide. in ff8 game can usually be playable without casting any magic at all. Refine Pet Houses and GF Recovery Medicine from other Items. Allows you to Junction one spell to ST-Def, reducing the probability of associated status ailments being inflicted. Enemies defeated by Devour do not give Exp. Allows you to Junction Magic to a character's Hit stat, causing the character's physicals to hit more often. Refine Forbidden Medicine, Hero-trials, and Stat Boosting Items from other Items. Allows you to Junction up to two spells to Elem-Def, reducing damage taken from elemental attacks. I couldn't find anything like this in any of the numerous FAQs on Final Fantasy VIII, so I did the work for myself and eventually turned it into this guide. To use the menu-based abilities, go into the menu and select Ability from the main screen. Equipping Auto-Haste also has the effect of granting immunity to Slow and Stop. The following is a list of abilities in Final Fantasy IV.While the J2e translation had all of the abilities from the Japanese release, some abilities were removed from the SNES release. 1 Source information 2 Cheats (raw) 2.1 Cheat notes 3 Inventory type code table 4 Magic type code table 5 Ability type code table Cheats for this game were developed from the following source(s): Final Fantasy VIII [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00892 00908 00909 00910] The codes may not work for all versions of the game. Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation console. Read on to see this GF’s Abilities, Stats, the effect of their Summon Ability, and how to obtain Ifrit. In other words, Tool-RF is used to make items not covered by other refinement categories in addition to the obvious Tool items; in most case Tool-RF is just an intermediate step in a refinement chain. For GF information (including native abilities, AP costs, stats, and Summon information), click here, and for Items, here. Each tap will increase the GF's damage by 1%, and you start out at 75% of its normal damage (if you don't Boost at all, it will simply deal 100% normal damage). ST-Atk and Elem-Atk properties are considered when this command is used (and in fact this is the only situation in which they are checked). Just the same, you no longer need Elm Def J if a GF already has Elm Def J x2, you don't need Elm Def J x2 if a character already has Elm Def J x4, etc. If you also have Haggle, most items can be bought and sold for the same price. Note that this does not automatically allow you to equip a given ability; you still must learn the desired ability on a GF equipped to the character. Thirteen weeks after its release, Final Fantasy VIII had earned more than US$50 million in sales, making it the fastest selling Final Fantasy title at the time. Ian Shaw - September 8, 2019. Raises GF's Summon attack damage by 20%. The characters in the JRPG draw parallels to Ross, Joey and the gang in the sitcom. Production for the game began in 1997 and it took two years to complete before being released in 1999. This also doubles damage dealt to Undeads/Zombies. Prevents random encounters. For considerations of space, the Card Mod table is integrated into the card list tables, however, a listing of all cards with the links to their respective tables is given below. For instance, I wanted to make sure all the major stat junctions were available for all three party members, and I also wanted as many characters as possible to have the Initiative ability. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Enemies defeated by Card do not give any Exp. Boost maxes out at 250% damage, although some early-game GF's can't be boosted that high normally due to their summon animations being too short. Good luck acquiring all the weapons and make sure not to miss any Weapons Monthly Issues! ... As such, incredible amounts of carnage can be doled out to all of your opponents. It can be used multiple times to "stack" the effect. Allows you to access shops from the menu screen at any time. Your GFs can learn abilities to turn junk into magic. This is because Eva Junctions don't actually Junction directly to Eva; instead, they increase the character's Speed for the sole purpose of calculating Evasion. Command Abilities allow your characters to use commands (in other words, take turns) in battle. This is an article on the ability Ability x4 and its effect from the game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. The most useful choices are: (Note: Due to the mechanics of the Evasion stat (it's derived from Speed), the exact value of your Evasion% may vary by a point from the spell values listed below. Chapter 2: Dollet Exam 3. This obviously has no effect if the character is already at Level 100. Game Gear and Game Boy Handbook version 4: 4/16/99: Final Fantasy 3 Spell name modifications: 11/11/98: SNES Game Genie Code Creation Handbook version 6. Summonable creatures are one of the core traits of the Final Fantasy series, though they can go by different names depending on the game. This will be player's first GF and, as a result, Quezacotl is unmissable. Summoning spells that can be cast by Dagger and Eiko. (Note that all Junk Shops are identical.). It's either obtained automatically... Shiva. Special Abilities. - Star - Instantly master all skills/abilities of items in your inventory. Removes KO from one target and restores them to 12.5% max HP. Gives the character permanent, unremovable Haste status while equipped. you can't block Berserk by Junctioning Berserk to ST-Def). Except for Card Mod, all tables will be arranged first by order of appearance of the Yield (Item, or Magic) in the appropriate menu, then by the yield ratio (worst to best), and then by order of appearance of the Ingredient in the menu. You can employ the abilities and powers of these companions to aid you in battles. If there is nothing in either Card slot, the enemy is immune and Card will always fail. The counterattack will occur even if the attack misses. Okay, here's the deal: All abilities are blocked, and you have to defeat Ultimecia's bosses in order to gain them back. Allows character to Draw Magic from enemies, either Stocking it for later use or Casting it directly (Draw-casted spells have a random spell power up to the normal power of the spell). Using a special tactics (finishing ALL fighting by catching mobs to the cards by using Quetzal ability) I do NOE level my party member (EXP=0 from all battle1) but leveled a bit my GF's (Still gathering AP from such battles!). Abilities are taught by equipment; action abilities are only learned from weapons, while weapons, hats, shields and armor teach a unit an R- or S- ability. Refine Demi, Quake, Double, Triple, Haste, Slow, and Stop Magic from Items. The principal's office from hell you never wanted to end up in. Abilities can be erased by feeding a GF Amnesia Greens which can be bought from Pet Shops. Changes Mug/Drop odds to the following: Common, 128/256 (50%); Uncommon, 114/256 (44.53%); Semi-Rare, 14/256 (5.47%); Rare, never. Ability Up - Absorb MP - Added Ability - Add Status - Adrenaline - Adrenaline Rush - Auto-Float - Auto-Haste - Auto-Potion - Auto-Protect - Auto-Reflect - Auto-Regen - Auto-Shell - Beast Killer - Bird Killer - Bonecrusher - Brawler - Break Damage Limit - Break HP Limit - Break MP Limit - Bug Killer - Concentrate - Counter - Cover - Critical ability - Critical: Berserk - Critical: Haste - Critical: Protect - Critical: Shell - … Required Items for Ehrgeiz: 1 Adamantine. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Refine Death, Zombie, Holy, and Restorative Magic (except Esuna, which is refined using Supt Mag-RF) from Items. Doubles enemy's level (to a maximum of 100). It may be removed using the item Amnesia Greens, and later re-added using the Magic Scroll item bought from Pet Shops in Timber or Esthar City.