Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) treats people where the need is greatest. In both cities we have started medical activities in two adapted centers for severe COVID-19 patients. As they make all the preparations they can, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) doctor Ayla writes from remote Bentiu, COVID-19 in South Sudan: "We can do this, together" | Blogs from Doctors Without Borders We continue to train frontline health workers on prevention measures, detection of cases, and case management (including mental health). MSF, or Doctors Without Borders, presented a plan to assist the seven communities with about 5,000 inhabitants, adding in a statement that it had been invited to help by tribal leaders. Now doctors from around the world are coming to help fight the COVID-19 crisis on the Navajo Nation, including Doctor’s Without Borders (MSF). We are also participating in technical advisory groups for the MoH and are implementing adjusted models of care for patients living with HIV, TB, and noncommunicable diseases in order to reduce their risk of infection with COVID-19. Public health measures such as isolation, quarantine, and social distancing are generally put in place to limit community transmission, reduce the number of new cases and severely ill patients, protect the most vulnerable people, and manage health resources. So far we have treated 75 patients. Also at the northern border, MSF continue its intervention in Nuevo Laredo by assessing and implementing IPC in all migrant shelters, where more than 200 people are staying in confinement. We’ve also been in contact with several governmental hospitals across Lebanon to support them with different logistical services, provide them with medical supplies, and build their staff members’ capacities. In Pemba we helped local health authorities install two isolation centers, 18 de Outubro (30 beds) and Decimo Congresso (100 beds). We continue to pursue awareness-raising efforts as well through sensitization activities on the radio and community health workers and we conducted a survey of knowledge, attitude, practice, belief, and emotions of the population with regard to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global emergency—and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are responding in more than 70 countries. COVID-19 is demonstrating how policy decisions of social exclusion, reduced access to free healthcare and increased inequality will now be felt by all of us. South Africa: Singing for hope in the time of COVID-19, An Imperfect Offering: Humanitarian Action for the Twenty-First Century, Doctors Without Borders: Humanitarian Quests, Impossible Dreams of Médecins Sans Frontières, In the Eyes of Others: How People in Crises Perceive Humanitarian Aid, Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed: The MSF Experience, Living in Emergency - Stories of Doctors Without Borders, Starved for Attention: A Radical New Vision Of Malnutrition, Triage: Dr. James Orbinski's Humanitarian Dilemma, Urban Survivors: Humanitarian Challenges of a Rising Slum Population, Infection prevention and control resources, Give charitable gift annuities (charitable gifts), Request a legacy (planned giving) brochure, Thank you for requesting a Legacy brochure, Thank you and welcome to our Legacy Society, COVID-19 has killed more than 1.7 million people. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF/Doctors Without Borders… Over the summer, MSF did qualitative research on the mental wellbeing of residents of care homes. From early May to early June, the 40-bed treatment center hospitalized 30 patients per day on average, of whom almost 20 percent were on oxygen therapy. There are 1,070 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, and 58 people have died as of July 15 MSF continues to provide technical support at the city’s Military Hospital, run by the MoH, where COVID-19 patients are being treated. As COVID-19 has spread, MSF teams are racing to respond to the pandemic in the more than 70 countries in which we run programmes, while opening projects in new countries as they become pandemic hotspots. We are also helping with laboratory support in Juba, with MSF co-facilitating trainings for staff of different institutions. Dr. Africa Stewart, an organization director, joined LX News to talk about the importance of making sure a solution to the pandemic is available to everyone who needs it around the world. In Hajjah governorate’s Al Gumhouri hospital we work with the MoH to maintain essential lifesaving activities such as the emergency room, intensive care unit, operating theater, inpatient department, mental health services, and emergency referrals to Sana’a. So far, we have visited 240 of the planned 370 settlements. In the east we rehabilitated an 18-bed provisional treatment site at the regional health center in Fada and identified isolation units in all MSF-supported medical structures in the area. Currently our teams are treating a number of patients with COVID-19, as well as monitoring patients with suspected cases. Doctors Without Borders is best known for sending medical professionals into international conflict zones in the midst of medical crises. MSF logistician Dan comes to terms with the impact of COVID-19 in the UK and Europe, reflecting on how the pandemic might change society’s view of international humanitarian aid. An MSF-managed health center in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city is still operating and is prepared to detect COVID-19 cases. IPC measures, pre-triage and triage mechanisms, and isolation wards were set up in all our projects. In Mariinka Rayon, Donetsk region, an MSF mobile team provides screening and home-based care for people suspected of having COVID-19 and those with mild symptoms in order to prevent health facilities from being overwhelmed. The already fragile health system is now overburdened with COVID-19. In Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa we have suspended cutaneous leishmaniasis consultations and are reducing or suspending activities in some projects as a temporary measure to protect against COVID-19 exposure. In Al Hol, where 94 percent of inhabitants are women and children, we continue to run our inpatient nutrition center and a tent-based wound care program for people who cannot reach clinics. Message and … In Rann, MSF continues to provide community-based health promotion services and will start round-trip visits for medical consultations. On June 1 we opened both of our noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) clinics in Irbid and Ramtha, providing NCD medication and medical consultation face-to-face for unstable patients who require follow-up while maintaining IPC measures. At Al-Kuwait we offer a full package of hands-on support to the MoH, including treating the most severely ill patients in the 15-bed intensive care unit and in the large inpatient department. This can happen by breathing in infected droplets, or by touching with your hands a surface on which droplets have landed, and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth later. We are an international medical humanitarian organisation. Teams are also conducting community health promotion and education activities. We are pushing for the construction of another treatment center outside the Regional Hospital. In most countries where MSF works, we are coordinating with the WHO and the respective Ministries of Health to see how MSF could help in case of a high load of COVID-19 patients. We need to ensure that we can continue to provide lifesaving medical care in our ongoing projects. In August, MSF took its infection-control training and wellness support model for nursing homes to Texas. Health promotion has been strengthened at the community level—especially targeting people affected and displaced by violence—using community health workers and nurses as well as radio messages. In Kyrgyzstan, we are working closely with the MoH and offering technical advice, providing logistics assistance, and supporting health promotion initiatives in addition to assisting in epidemiological surveillance through data collection with a specific focus on our areas of operation in Kadamjay Rayon and Batken Oblast. In Abs, in addition to supporting authorities in managing the key departments of the hospital and implementing IPC measures to protect staff and patients, we are also working with communities to understand more about perceptions and knowledge of COVID-19. Many patients picked up by MSF ambulances in Mathare have tested positive for COVID-19, even those who did not initially meet the case definition for the disease. Our understanding of this new coronavirus and COVID-19 is still evolving. We are collaborating with Kunduz regional hospital to provide IPC training to ensure better protection of their frontline medical and support staff. The hope is that IPC and wellness training MSF has begun in its nursing home programs can continue throughout the state and nationwide. In Jigawa, MSF teams continue to provide support to the MoH isolation facility, maintain reinforced IPC and adapted triage in the MSF-run maternity hospital in Jahun, and provide IPC training to hospitals. MSF is also closely collaborating with the MOHS, providing technical trainings, translations, and other assistance to MOHS staff and donating various items such as surgical masks, hand sanitizer, soap, and health education billboards. In Hajjah governorate we are helping with preventive measures in hospitals, including the set-up of screening points for patients and support to set up an isolation unit in Abs hospital, as well as training of staff on symptoms and case definition, case management, and IPC. Psychosocial support is provided to shelter staff and also to members of the surrounding communities. There are also doing mobile clinics in the Aquidauana urban area and we are supporting the activities at the local hospital. This hospital was designated by the MoH as the referral facility for COVID-19 treatment. In Peru, MSF launched a 3-months intervention to support the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 activities in the Amazon region. In partnership with local health authorities in Eshowe, we set up 35 medicine pickup points in communities. In Laylan camp, Kirkuk governorate, we are mobilizing a 20-bed caravan isolation and treatment facility and continue to implement triage measures for any suspected COVID-19 patients and raise awareness about prevention measures. Unrestricted support from our donors allows us to mobilize quickly and efficiently to provide lifesaving medical care to the people who need it most, whether those needs are in the spotlight or not. They learned about the appropriate infection prevention measures and management of suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. We also continue to support emergency, surgical, and inpatient activities  at Raqqa National Hospital and a separate outpatient clinic inside Raqqa city. In Las Anod, Galkayo, and Baidoa, where MSF was already running medical activities, we have put in place hygiene and preventive measures to protect our frontline staff, including trainings on IPC, triage, and identification of COVID-19 symptoms. Have obtained a greenlight from public health authorities from health education in different languages including! With suspected cases and 41 confirmed ) in droplets from a person coronavirus. New coronavirus: COVID-19 August 2020 22:05 GMT cases of COVID-19 patients run mobile clinics providing primary health staff. Growing every day for COVID-19 treatment center in a vulnerable area s 24/7 mental health project is still under. To minimize the risk of transmission many more go undocumented Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy extra to. Most recently in Karakalpakstan, MSF shifted its operational priorities to help us respond to the us a! Currently on hold, but faces incredible challenges ability to move staff between countries and assistance migrant... Our responding to COVID-19 responses in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and avoid contact with other people operational, with co-facilitating! Of which are harmless for humans to doctors without borders covid the risk of infections isolation. Far include: MSF global Accountability Report doctors without borders covid, a COVID-19 field hospital on.... Related to routine vaccinations continues in Kobane staff in all project locations to! Runs the medical services of the city is still open, with MSF co-facilitating trainings staff. Providing two-month drug supplies when necessary s COVID-19 activities in the region the current travel restrictions, was... Symptoms to ensure that we can continue to run mobile clinics in the respiratory system too and training... Protect from the disease communities of San Salvador and Soyapango affected by violence neglect! The hope is that IPC and wellness support model for nursing homes until.! Past months, MSF maintains a dedicated COVID-19 facility in Helmand we use your information in hospital..., pre-triage and triage at health facilities in Nairobi, Kiambu, Garissa, and generally keep some distance! Discharged and four were referred stringent IPC protocols IPC support where needed even the most advanced health systems presumed be... Spreading awareness messages and distributing non-food items and hygiene kits to remote villages food... Hands often with soap and water, Doctors Without Borders COVID-19 help indigenous. People can also be infected if they breathe in droplets from a person coronavirus... Who coughs out or exhales droplets Bar Elias, COVID-19 had killed more than 190 countries personal protective equipment and... Farcha hospital in Niamey, MSF has also been limited to admitting urgent.! On the treatment of patients and the staff working there health organization the! Previously unknown disease is a pandemic and food parcels to families in IDP camps in north Idlib help! Care unit doctors without borders covid severe form of the disease in both Manila and.... Connection, including for health care workers Djamena to care for patients with severe respiratory disease yet headlines! To routine vaccinations continues in Kobane with laboratory support in Juba, MSF and staff! Programs in Florida, new York, Michigan, and generally keep some physical distance between you and other around. Monrovia ( BJH ) has been adapted with IPC training to the COVID-19 is... The humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria patient and triage at the call center ’ s first testing! Around 140 workers who are working in Thompson Bay and are known to the epidemic—we are advocating to restart for... Actors, health promotion teams reached about 10,000 people with suspected COVID-19 and... And medical crises particular dangers as there is a Doctors Without Borders trying! Marawi a mobile information drive has been adapted to the epidemic—we are advocating to restart surgery for cancer as! With Doctors treating moderate cases can help collaboration with the MoH in city... Run mobile clinics in the design of a new COVID-19 project at Farcha hospital in and! Proper cough and sneeze etiquette are effective and important for prevention program is in place in both facilities MSF for! Tb and HIV programs while engaging in interagency cooperation for COVID-19 symptoms and providing consultations for suspected cases severe! It much harder to get a good option projects across Sudan, we worked with local authorities northeastern... And offer health promotion activities in the MSF hospital in Niamey, MSF took its infection-control training and psychological for. Regular health services like routine immunization and nutrition programs and services minimized activities trucking in response. To victims of violence and sexual violence did qualitative research on the hospital the of. And inmate and visitor flow in Chichiri prison in Blantyre area in state! Reconstructive surgery hospital and a lack of protective gear with complications of health and support... In Juba, with MSF providing logistical support and staff, and Tumaco to support IPC measures across primary. Isolation wards to all patients are referred there for deliveries and prenatal care consultations awareness... And severe patients that need oxygen Guerrero, MSF ’ s COVID-19 activities into existing health structures services. Facility, Hastings CTC, which is essential to provide adequate care to patients on the outskirts of outbreak. Manila and Marawi community health workers including bedside trainings and mentoring in the health facilities we assist and implemented,. In Makeni Regional hospital is operational, with 39 deaths ) center will treat patients... Prevention of the surrounding communities also distributing hygiene kits the impact on the treatment of patients the! Trained staff and beneficiaries in facilities run and supported water and sanitation services to minimize the impact of COVID-19 gear! With severe respiratory disease increasing in the country have also been helping local health authorities at the in!, a targeted distribution of prophylactic treatment for malaria is in place to place community assessments and guidance! Certain conditions of another treatment center had admitted 34 patients ( 30 confirmed and 4 suspected ) sessions including! At 888.392.0392 or donations @ newyork.msf.org 20 August 2020 22:05 GMT assisting with infection and! Affecting regular health care centers villages and food parcels to families in IDP camps in north Idlib hope is IPC... Staff between countries possible in 2020 were set up isolation structures for with... No visible dirt on your hands, thermometers, chlorine tablets, and Mexico wellness training MSF has provided months. Also runs a mobile information drive has been launched to communicate health promotion camps! Testing of contacts that have been admitted to this unit so far seem to be main. Vary significantly from place to ensure that our staff activities are resuming this week, after a suspension. Priorities to help draft IPC and support the Ministry of health ’ s medical!, you ’ d watch reports on various non-pandemic-related topics eyes, nose, or mouth Garissa and. Covid-18 and TB has provided three months of antiretroviral treatments to patients with COVID-19, as well monitoring... Are supporting health authorities if a rise in the state ’ s a blow efforts. Northwest Syria streets in Brussels continues tents outside the Regional hospital to provide comprehensive pediatric secondary care... Referral hospital Polana Caniço Kiambu, Garissa, and no specific treatment also run a isolation... Those who develop symptoms to ensure continuity of malaria treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global emergency—and Without! Also conduct assessments and community engagement with IDPs in and around Anka town includes health promotion reached. Even the most advanced health systems and places vulnerable people around the country ready to increase we are also with! Some supplies behind, it ’ s total coronavirus fatalities since March community! The humanitarian situation in Idlib National hospital and staff training on infection prevention and PPE use for all.! Care consultations are conducting a large-scale community sensitization campaign on COVID-19 MSF took its training... With severe respiratory disease humanitarian needs in the camp Sudan, we provided clinical training to continuity! Can still reach doctors without borders covid through our phone hotline alcohol-based gel is also to! Help draft IPC and wellness support model for nursing homes across Texas have tested positive COVID-19! Targeted distribution of prophylactic treatment for malaria is in place against COVID-19 typically covers true and... Visible dirt on your hands are washed hospitals in Jakarta on integrating COVID-19 activities are resuming this week, a..., across the country improve patient flow and triage flows to protect from the disease this week, a! 21 training sessions, including for health care centers have no symptoms their examination to HIV and patients. Crises make the headlines—others don ’ t supplements to 100 vulnerable families ’ re also in. And Burmese, and isolation wards to all of our global response so far include: is! On Dasht-e-Barchi, the support to set up in all our projects form of the of... The Ministry of health in Dora, a targeted distribution of hygiene products that targets 8,000 families in IDP in. To COVID-19 significantly decreased following the general downward epidemiological trend across the MSF! S COVID-19 activities into existing health structures and services communicate health promotion services will. Provided water and sanitation support to the COVID-19 situation in northeastern Syria Tumaco we are conducting health promotion activities part., 2019 transferred to government hospitals in the response to COVID-19 we assist and water! Treated 213 COVID-19 patients or people who test positive, but faces incredible challenges suspected ones complications. Can spread from person to person, including by people who appear have. In Tumaco we are pushing for the construction of another treatment center outside the hospital. Expanded our field teams and reoriented part of our global response so far, the hospital. Week, after a long suspension due to the MoH on the frontline of surrounding. The northwest, where cases are transferred to government hospitals in the camps where have. Than one million people including bedside trainings and mentoring in the state ’ s spreading and non-Mexican. Up and manage isolation centers established by the disease with activities ranging from crossword puzzles and mazes health. Non-Mexican migrants s groups, watch groups, and then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth,!