I even wear earplugs if I have to go very far because I can't stand to listen to the noise. I do not understand why my specific VIN was not on the recall list and why I would have to pay for this when I was told by a contact at gm that my car has the issue. Traverse 2017, chevy Uplander 2009 LT short wheelbase, Impala 2003, jeep cherokee Laredo 1990, chevy citation 1984 2.8 v6, vauxhall Firenza1972, rambler american 1964 model 330, vauxhall velox 1956 rebuilt, NSU Prinz 1961 2 cylinder micro car rebuilt, Renault Dauphine 1960 rebuilt, ford prefect 1952 ( … The radio display will read "LOC" and the device will not turn on. Just looking to install a 10 or 12 inch sub and amp to add a little thump to my factory deck and other speakers. Audio does not work. Come join the discussion about performance, SS models, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! This could drain the battery and possibly prevent the vehicle from starting. Re: Radio won't turn off with RAP Jul 26 2012, 11:51pm check your drivers door latch. Received rear-end bump. Step 3. all problems of the 2005 Chevrolet Impala . It seems to be coming from behind the dash or radio? It lays where the spare tire is and the carpet above is never wet. There's a fuse box inside and it works now thanks, I check the fuses for the radio and display and they were both good, so I just made sure all the fuses were pushed in all the way and turned it on and everything worked, Did you leave a light on or something because there is no way the battery should be dead already. Second replacement radio was not calibrated properly when installed and when taken back to the dealership and re-calibrated, had the same problem with the display as replacement radio number one. if the bcm doesnt see the door open it wont know to turn the r.a.p. It happened again on 04/03/14 when I was driving home from the mpls airport. However, I like other consumers continually paid to replace parts that failed as it was not obvious there was an underlying malfunctioning in a particular application that made the essential product useless. In this case, you'll want to turn off your engine, remove the key, leave the vehicle, and shut the door. Many GM vehicles have a system that allows the radio to stay on when you turn the key off, until you open a door. I know of may who own this year and model Impala that are having the same trouble. The radio in my 2011 Malibu LS has recently started switching from cd to aux input to radio on its own. Id say that there's something that needs to be looked into so everyone w these vehicles know what's wrong. The dealership said they couldn't do anything for it. Giving me a clicking noise with no alerts on in the car. After pulling into my drive way I placed the car in park. As any serious car owner, I tried to address the cheaper items such as battery replacement and spark plugs, all have been replaced twice. I can take the key and keeps running. Another time I let the car sit for 15 mins and it started fine. Then let it sit for 25 to 30 mins then nothing but I left the key in on position for a couple minutes while all the lights ran and then it started fine. – turn off display alerts from the “settings” button Video: text Message alerts. There should be a recall on this matter. Box - your order will be delayed. See all problems of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala . Jul 05 2013, 9:20pm. Release the "Minute" button once "000" appears on the radio display. all problems of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala . This Impala would not start so often that I purchased a portable battery to jump it everywhere, even as simple as the gas station. I am getting issues. all problems of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala . Who can I contact to be added to the recall list?. I had problems with my navigation system from day one. It is about 50/50 whether is shuts off or not, otherwise it waits the ten minutes until the car shuts everything off. I hit the radio buttons and setup my presets, then tried to turn radio off. Radio not turning off when open door. Have not observed this type of condensation on any other vehicle's fog lights. my car has stopped while in drive 5 times in two weeks, while I have been driving, and 3 times while sitting idle. When stepping on the brake to push start, the brake gets super hard and the dash panel will say, �press brake to start. most recently, �side detection� is displaying on dash panel and blind spot lights are not lighting up on mirrors. But no turn over and security light is still on. Hi, my lights and radio won't turn off after I remove my keys from the ignition. (am taking to another dealership in the hopes that they can repair the problem) Turned off car took out keys and left car alone came back later and car started w/o incident. Any suggestion for this on a 2010 Chevy Impala. See all problems of the 2015 Chevrolet Impala . 38% of the time it's Radio not turning off when open door. After a few minutes have passed, check if the radio has turned off. If it is so, do yourself a favour and replace the whole harness, because fixing the broken wires won't last long. Blind spot light does not turn off radio powers on and off headlights flash on and off interior lights flash on and off vehicle will not turn start. Write the second code down. While there are a variety of reasons your Chevrolet Impala key won't turn, the most common 3 are a binding steering column/lock, an ignition switch issue, or a problem with the ignition key. I have been fortunate enough for it not to have stopped on a highway or anything, but this is very dangerous and no one, not even the Chevrolet dealership service center has been able to find what the problem is. What to expect at the repair shop when your Chevrolet Impala won't start How is a no-start diagnosis fixed? I understand we have RAP- Retained Accessory Power, but isn't that suppose to go off … There is an extremely loud popping and cracking noise from the dash. This was the 2nd time the car stopped/shut down while in drive. Upon further investigation I noticed that nothing makes any sounds, lights on warning, low tire pressure, seatbelt not fastened, or anything else that would make a sound. I read something that said … . • Press and hold the button until the parking lamps turn off to cancel a remote start. Open the passenger door up front and that will turn off the radio. When I turn the car off the radio is supposed to stay on until. For me, when the car goes into "audio off", I was still able to listen to a podcast via carplay, but was unable to listen to the radio, make phone calls, adjust volume, etc. Then another time, I kept trying every 10 to 15 mins for an hr but nothing. See I pay a lot if money for this vehicle and still have a ways to go before I am done paying for it. When it shuts off the speakers pop, and no audio (even door chimes and turn signals) can be heard at all. I have no clue but everything else is fine, just no warning tones at all. Step 3: Press the AM/FM button. vehicle. I explained to the lady that all of my lights will go off whenever I go over speed bumps including speedometer and radio. Noticed one day while I sat in car for 10 mins in summer heat with 3 month daughter, that car makes a sort of computer humming/buzzing sound. Just want a good sounding , clean , crisp with a little bass to enjoy myself. However, my lights and radio stays on which in turn drains my battery even after I have left the car. Slowly all the electrical applications in my car began to stop working from the blinkers, radio, hazards, cruise control, car windows, and finally the car stopped starting. Car key image by Corneliu C from Fotolia.com. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts ... 2015 Crystal Red Impala LTZ V6 (traded) ... A forum community dedicated to Chevy Impala owners and enthusiasts. See One time we left the car over night, locked up, the next day it started like nothing was wrong. If the radio turns off after a few minutes, that's normal for your vehicle. The car behind me almost hit me because of it. After the 10 or so I hear a click or as I call it a shut down sound and then I am able to start car. just yesterday I was stoped at a red light and it sounded and felt like the car was going to shut down. NAIOA - Forums - 2006 Impala Radio does not shut off when exiting car - The dome light goes on/off when exiting car. Upon further investigation I noticed that my turn signals don't make the ticking noise when they are blinking. Every once in a while my car will accelerate on its own and when I put it in park it sounds like my car is just going to blow up because it sounds like my foot is on the gas . 3 CaMaro – CruZE – Equinox ... such as “Chevrolet Cruze” or “radio”), then turn “show notifications” on • restart vehicle for connection to take hold ... 2015 MyLink keeps lifestyles connected with your Resources. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 The radio will not turn off after I turn the engine off and leave the vehicle with my keys. But all my dash lights were on and my air bag light kept blinking and my radio was working. The vehicle was beginning forward movement. Recently, within the last 2-3 months, I've noticed that after driving short distances (usually around 5-10 minutes) the radio will not turn off once I turn off the ignition and open the driver side door. When I came back out 1.5 hours later, the radio was off, but the entire MyLink touchscreen was off and unresponsive. What is the fix ? This is extremely dangerous and needs to be addressed!! It starts and drives but when you try to turn it off it will not turn past the accessory position to the off position. At first I thought the parasitic drain (drain on the car battery) was coming from the dash cluster/instrument panel which was in line with the complaints I have discovered on google that the bcm was causing non-starter issues for other Impalas. Chevy Impala Won't Start Security Light by John Cook . Steering wheel squeals when turning yet all fluids are topped off. Info indicates "off". Car Will Not Start problem of the 2015 Chevrolet Impala 3 See When it does, then turn the ignition off, wait 20 seconds and attempt to restart the car. for Chevrolet CAMARO,Chevrolet CRUZE, Chevrolet EQUINOX, Chevrolet MALIBU, Chevrolet SS, Chevrolet VOLT,Chevrolet TRAX, Chevrolet SPARK, Chevrolet SPARK EV, Chevrolet SONIC, Chevrolet TRAVERSE. See off By Charlie Gaston - June 3, 2015 This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (1999-present). • Remote start can be extended once by repeating the remote start procedure. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against General Motors in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida alleging problems with its IOR seven-inch infotainment system.. Press the "Minute" button again until the last two digits of the security code for your radio is displayed. While there are a variety of reasons your Chevrolet Impala won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. . statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2014 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2015 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2010 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2003 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2009 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2008 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2005 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2006 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2013 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2007 Chevrolet Impala, all problems of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala, Recreational Vehicle Lpg Tank Valve/gauge problems. Had a new starter put in because I thought that was the issue. It will drain the battery and may leave me stranded. Correcting most no-start problems usually involves replacing the alternator, starter or battery, cleaning connections, ignition system repairs, or fuel system repairs. It won’t turn off … After recently purchasing a 2006 Chevrolet Impala, I noticed something really odd about the vehicle. See Keys, Doors and Windows in your Owner Manual. Temp outside does not seem to matter. I looked down and noticed that the completely shut off. If the radio used to turn off but now it doesn't then you have a short either in the wiring or in the radio itself. First replacement radio, display did not work properly. SOURCE: Chevy Equinox, 2005 - When door opens..radio does not go off Actually this is the answer, well at least it fixed my problem and for others reading before you go to dealer or buy replacement anything check some wires first.. first my unlock button didnt work driver side, then driver side window quit working and then radio wouldnt shut off..the equinox doesnt have a push button … Radio Won't go off when I open door. At times of accelerating, the lights will appear. Average failure mileage is 80,400 miles. I am thinking of taking it to a body shop and see what they think of the road/wind noise. Fix: rewire the radio to receive power from a source that is only hot when the ignition is in the accessory or run position. I showed them to the dealership and they said the defrosters were working fine. Radio won’t turn off when engine off and keys out. Re: Radio not turning off when open door. The most recently reported issues are listed below. I have 3 children that depend in thus car along with myself if there are so many people with this problem this is definitely a defect and should be recalled. To me this is a safety issue. Turn the radio off, if it is on. Figure 2. The radio in my 2003 Malibu will not turn off ! I need to either keep opening and closing the door until it shuts off or restart truck and shut it off again. Same issue keeps happening maybe 4 times a month if not more have to wait 10 mins in order for car to start. If the battery has gone dead, it could cause the security system to go into full lock-up mode. We'll walk you through the steps you'll need to take to resolve this common problem and offer handy advice for getting the best service around. Instructions; Catalogs; News & Blog; Videos; FAQs When I turn my car off, it continues to run and will not shut off. Average failure mileage is 43,500 miles. Afterward no sound for warning equipment or radio. After entering the vehicle, turn on the ignition. I call gm and was adivsed that there is not and has not been a recall form this althourgh there has been serveral complaints.