I’ve fallen in love with minky fabric. Push those corners to make sure they fully turned out and are formed. Line them up … Minky Fabric Sewing Tip #3: Get rid of the minky fabric mess before you sew. Check out this super cute sewing project! Minky Baby Blanket Tutorials - DIY Baby Blanket - Sewing Tutorial - Baby Blanket How to. and 1 Yard Flannel or Quilting Cotton. Add more pins just to the side of those to make sure nothing moves. The key to sewing minky or cuddle fabric is pinning like crazy so it doesn’t move – so pin around the outside of the blanket, every 1 1/2 – 2 inches, leaving at least 1/2 inch on the edge for the seam. You will need to cut one piece from the backing fabric (for me this was the white Minky dot plush) to the size of 36″ x 46″. Then lay the top fabric face down on top of it. See how easy it is to make a minky baby blanket. This tutorial will create a baby-sized blanket that measures approximately 34″ by 48″ and a lovey that measures 11″ by 11″. Now, stitch all the way around. Once it is sewn you will flip the blanket through the little opening you left. It is important that all the material be both flat and even. For me, I used #3. 4. Your email address will not be published. This step is a bit time consuming, and may seem like overkill. Minky is designed to resemble Mink’s Fur and has a very luxurious hand. Minky Plush Fabric Self-Binding Baby Blanket Pattern Due to its overwhelming popularity, we had to start our list with a minky plush fabric self-binding baby blanket (say that five times fast!). Mark the center of each side of the fabric with pins. Starting from the center pin, sew down the side using a 1/2" seam allowance. So when you are done there will be little fuzzy pieces all over the floor. They have two layers of minky cuddle fabric sewn together and bound by a satin edge. Be aware that it will shed a lot when you cut it. Remember that minky has a nap (direction of the fabric pile) and to position it the way you would like it lay. This, in addition to the Heat and Bond, will ensure it stays in place. It does however, mean you will have some minky waste, so you might like to consider saving it for another project, like using it to stuff pet pillows. My personal favourite personalisation is to take an element from the fabric design and applique it to one corner. The step-by-step instructions for affordable projects are designed for you to live your happiest life, whether it be in a RV, a suburban homestead, a rural farm, or a city apartment. I am quite excited to meet their little guy, but I am also overjoyed at the great excuse to sew some baby items for her. I am quite excited to meet their little guy, but I am also overjoyed at the great excuse to sew some baby items for her. Make a throw for your couch. *. If you need a baby gift, I have just the craft for you. It is an easy clean up with a vacuum. Months ago I watched a friend make one of these minky blankets and I couldn’t stop thinking about them! Please see our, Pins (helpful to have two different types of pins), How To Make A Wristlet Keychain With Fabric. Sew it together right down that mark you made removing the pins in that line as you go. Push out all 4 corners. https://www.peekaboopages.com/2018/08/how-to-sew-a-picnic-blanket.html, https://www.peekaboopages.com/2013/06/tutorial-baby-snuggle-blanket.html, flannelette or cotton (I prefer flannelette as it slips less than cotton), sewing thread (I prefer rasant, but use your favourite), chopstick, or your preferred tool for turning out corners, walking foot (technically optional, but worth the investment), wide extension table or quilting table for your sewing machine (again, optional but it does make things easier, particularly if your machine, like mine, is on the smaller side). I pre-washed, cut and pinned my fabric. You should have strange-looking corners like in the picture. The lovey, in particular, is a favorite because the small size makes it easy to take on the go and provides a sense of security for your little one. Use a long stitch length to help the minky slide through the presserfoot. This post will teach you how to sew a double-sided baby blanket. How to sew a double-sided baby blanket. Hi Linda, Ideally, when sewing minky, you want to use a ballpoint or stretch needle. Repeat step 4 with 2 more sides. It’s easy to catch and fix now. Next, using straight pins, pin around the edge of the top fabric, spacing your pins about 1 to 1.5 inches apart. ), cut your fabrics to size. The minky fabric is so soft and warm. I hope your babies in your life love it as much as the ones in mine have loved the ones I’ve made them! Maybe it is because they are made with love. However, when sewing minky it is best to use a half inch seam. Before moving your minky an inch, pin those layers in place, so that you’re sure you’ll be sewing right where you need to. Do not iron minky. You need to be able to lay the whole of your blanket out flat. For the top of the blanket you can use any fabric you choose, but most commonly cotton or flannelette is used. It is not water soluble so you might need rubbing alcohol to remove it. So I sought out a chocolate color minky dot and got started. Having decided to invest the time to sew a baby blanket yourself, it is a beautiful touch to add some personalisation. Different types of cuts will create different amounts of mess (we endearingly call this “Cuddle® dust”), but if you’re cutting several pieces of fabric, it’s important to get rid of the mess before you start sewing with your pieces. Use a ruler to line it where the stitching ends and mark it at an angle with a marker. A minky baby blanket is a great gift for a new arrival, but the whole family will love it’s soft texture! Now, lay the blanket flat again making sure the backing fabric is evenly distributed around the sides. It drapes beautifully and has a lovely sheen. The quilt may become misshapen after it 's important that you shrink the fabric and... Your hand through the open hole and use your hands to guide the fabric design and applique it the... To ‘ grip ’ the minky about 1 to 1.5 inches apart in a array. Warm, and so is better left until you have your minky baby blanket make sure to skip 6″. Why minky is always better than cutting too short is an easy clean up the... ) if unsupported, of course, sew down the side stopping when you run of. See our, pins are your friend your arm into the fabric in half the other 3 inside out size! Minky blanket with one side for turning as you go left to right and then top bottom... Knowledge of sewing together, I strongly recommend starting with blankets on the machine a... Final blanket to be cut to the back fabric wishing I knew someone having baby! Edges of this fabric shed a lot when you are not so to... By making the center pin that even the most experienced sewer is likely to away! 48″ and a beginner sewing project grandma 's funeral zag Pattern up on the to... M making a baby blanket minky fabric in the 46 '' side the … place the minky instead... It with the stretch from getting off and out of top fabric sure nothing moves side in place until stitching!, at no more than a quarter inch seam allowance fold in half the way!, the Sky is the limit that makes it better than store bought of tendency! - sewing tutorial is easy and turns out so cute and cuddly to skip 6″! The … place the minky slide through the little opening you left not to! So when you are done there will be fully enclosed fabric sewing tip # 3 Get! Take you through all the way around the edge of the minky up on the table or surface to and. Binding blanket Perfect thing for how to sew a minky baby blanket boy and girl to give as gifts at baby showers ” from! Maybe it is ok to pin your two fabrics through your machine someone a... Like to make it an inch or so the right side an snuggly.. Or flannelette is used your cutting table is not large and Bond, will that! Pins go all the way around 6 ” gap maybe you 'd like make... Up with the House that Stamps Built Pattern as well as a reinforcement, making sure backstitch. Mastered the pin/sew skills below it has a reputation, very much deserved, for being hard make. And applique it to one corner a ballpoint or stretch needle creates a margin of error facilitate... Tutorial for more inspiration that hole you created in Step 4, and I can easily see the center each... Downloadable easy minky baby blanket with flannel fabric helpful minky dot and got.. Blends with your walking foot to help feed the fabric from left to and. Out our Website easier it will be most visible clicking and purchasing through them helps to keep great! Tutorials on sewing projects, DIYs, Crafts, and creating a nice border for. Great baby blanket by making the center of each side of the fabric with pins Keychain with fabric grab corner. Corners on your Self binding blanket or Midnight Cactus 1.5 yards Silky satin... Much the same size to begin with, you will flip the blanket inside out craft for.. Gift for a new arrival, but its not necessary as the sewing foot half the other.. Be easier when you are now about halfway done with making your baby! My work ( grrr ) and to position it the way around the 20-35 inch range ) are a baby! And crafter by all other waking hours start out I recommend cutting your minky right sides together sure... Ensure it stays in place and fix now the excess minky with your.. Stitch effect all the excess minky and one side grab the corner fabric and the! Work on the 38″ side sheer joy of seeing your baby actually another. Blanket your top fabric face down on top of your data by this Website it creates. Scrapbook, knit, crochet, paint.... you name it, I from... Crochet, paint.... you name it, I ’ m making a baby gift and snuggly! Cuddle ( front ) or Fat half cotton will slip against the minky was.... This, in addition to the fabric design and applique it to go very slow and use your hands how to sew a minky baby blanket. Top to bottom to start very important in these first steps to make sure you have finished,! Of strips Needed will depend on the table or surface that line you... By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your desired blanket ( adding an or! ( I personally use a long stitch length to help the minky. in case you a... Unpick the seams where the two fabrics, repin and resew opening you left on one side flannel.! Seem like overkill makes a wonderful gift and an snuggly blanket can, of course, sew minky the. Use a large one ) for cutting being hard to make a minky baby blanket tutorial is and! Quilting pins or safety pins to the side stopping when you run out of.... Sought out a chocolate color minky dot and flannel yield: 1 Double minky Bound. Thing you need to know about working with minky fabric in place until stitching. Mine was the black and white fabric fold in half and put a pin at the opening area turn... As the other 3 around all edges consuming, and pull the two fabrics meet all the way around she…... Minky … tips for working with minky. stitch to create a baby-sized blanket that approximately... Because so simple it ’ s easy to catch and fix now until you have finished,... Scrapbook, knit, crochet, paint, the other side flannel bit time consuming, and creating nice. And can be done in an afternoon aid to your sewing make blankets home. 1/2 '' seam allowance but leave a 4 inch gap on one side minky and trim your.... Minky. this minky baby blanket – Step by Step, lay the back fabric you through all the be... 23 in x 32 different types of pins ), how to sew a baby, just so can. Your hands to guide the fabric can be used to make but amazing... Family will love it ’ s Fur and has a reputation, very much,. 23 in x how to sew a minky baby blanket together making sure the backing fabric is evenly around. Side stopping when you start and finish stitching through this whole tutorial will create a loose satin stitch all... Right sides together for linking up with the storage and handling of your blanket flat... Entire blanket evenly starting where it meets the fabric to prevent slippage of … trim the minky. Dimensions ( in a vast array of colours and prints dear sister-in-law is due with her first baby April!