Your options may be limited, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for an inferior product. © 2020 Titan Manufacturing and Distributing INC. All Rights Reserved. Comfortable shoulder pads protect you from unwanted pain – so you can feel the burn only where you need to. The TDS Heavy Duty Commercial Quality Sissy Squat is a simple sissy squat machine that has no frills attached. Our Price: $999.00 . 4-WAY Hip Sled to use as LEG PRESS, HACK SQUAT, FORWARD THRUST, CALF RAISE. The C-92066-OS-W of TDS is our second beast. Not anymore with a squat hack machine. This machine comes with 4-adjustable foot roller position and 5-adjustable calf pad positions to allow you to perform more comfortably and safely. Just move the pin to the desired weight plate and start your exercise! TDS Mega 1000 lb Rated White Power Squat Rack, 1.25” Dia Professionally knurled Front Chinning Bar, Provision to add LAT Attachment, Pull up/Chip up … 2.5 5- Body-Solid Leverage Squat and Calf Raise Machine (GSCL360) 2.6 6- Powertec Fitness Levergym Squat/Calf Black; 2.7 7- TDS Super Seated Calf Unit w/Pillow Block Bearings; 3 Calf Raise Machine Buying Guide. (C-PRO91305-G) Calf & Squat System. There are a couple kinds of squat machines you can get: All of these dual-threat workout machines (leg press/squat and calf raises) are terrific additions to your exercise equipment arsenal. The Pro Clubline SLP500G Leg Press by Body-Solid is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want the hassle of loading and unloading plates to use their leg press. It suits all performance levels. Included: 2x45 2x35 2x25 2x10 2x5 2x2.5, 7" olympic bar, adjustible bench with leg and preacher attachments and many acsesories There’s no skipping leg day with leg press and squat machines from Fitness Factory. The 210lb stack would max out at 378lbs. © 2021 Strength Warehouse USA. TDS Shoulder Press Machine: The Cost-Effective Shoulder Machine The TDS seated shoulder press machine is one of the best picks on our list because of how affordable and well-made it is. Will cost Extra. By design, the machine will help you maintain a proper form throughout your exercise. Premier Vertical Leg Press handles different weights up to 1000 lbs. All rights reserved. It is made with steel tubing, has foam roller pads for the ankles, thick cushioning for the calves, and a rubberized foot holder to keep your legs stable. Maintaining adequate way is one of the biggest challenges for most, if not all, people. Don't leave out an essential piece from your gym! TDS is one of the oldest brands in the fitness equipment industry and this Sissy squat machine is from their pro range. At the same time, you can lift heavy, packing on the plates, while getting an optimal angle of movement with your squat. As the name implies, it can be used both as a standard 45-degree leg press machine as well as a hack squat machine, with only a few quick tweaks. You’d have to focus a lot of your effort in balancing if you simply do sissy squats without a bench. Body-Solid Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine gives you years of great leg workout value, ... TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press. you will also appreciate the fact that it comes with a T-shape at the bottom part for large contact to the ground. Designed with athletes in mind and perfect for home gyms owners looking to take their leg training to the next level. This is an 8-in-1 multi-functional squat machine that is going to provide effective exercises for the entire body. TDS means quality. These interesting little pieces of equipment allow you to perform sissy squats safely. USD $1,299.00. Sizes: 37"W X 80"D X 52"H - Weighs 300 lbs. With a 1000lb capacity, most won't have to worry about maxing this one out.The GLPH1100 is backed by Body-Solid's LIFETIME in-home warranty and rated for light commercial use. With a bench, all you have to do is squat. The York STS Power Front Squat is a dual-movement leg machine, packing a lot of punch into a small footprint. Become a Strength Warehouse USA insider to receive up to the minute deals & exclusive offers! Whether it’s your quads, glutes, hamstrings, or calves, these pieces of equipment can help you build them during strength training. Having a hack machine in your home gym allows you to squat without the pain. At the same time, you can lift heavy, packing on the plates, while getting an optimal angle of movement with your squat. On a single machine, you have the option to front squat and hack squat. WORKING DAYS/HOURS TDS Pro is presenting a sissy squat machine to develop quadriceps and glutes for intense lifters. Commercial grade heavy duty build of the TDS sissy squat machine gives you the impression of being a long-lasting reliable piece of gym equipment at first glance. The Body-Solid GLPH1100 is our best selling leg press machine. The instrument on hand is a very fantastic piece to take care your entire legs. The SLP500G comes standard with a 210lb stack but can also be upgraded to 310lbs. Simply nestle it in the safety notch, and you are set. Tds home gym equipment 134597979 tds arm curl attachment strength tds adjule multipress gym leg squat tds mega bench pacillo s fitness gear tds fitness kettlebell made in the usa Tds Fitness And Strength Equipment For Homes GymsTds Fitness And Strength Equipment For Homes GymsTds Fitness And Strength Equipment For Homes GymsTds Fitness And Strength […] There's also (3) different lockout safety positions for your comfort and convenience. The Leverage Squat Machine is the strongest machine in its class and can handle the heaviest loads with ease. These bad boys can withstand a ton of weight and allows you to safely pack on the pounds for your lower body exercises. Best of all, you're completely backed by the Norton Shopping Guarantee! Bodycraft Jones Club Smith Machine ... Hammer Strength MTS V-Squat Our Price: $1,999.00 . 4 Side Thrust wheels for Stability Specially designed heavy duty Side Frames 2" by 4" Sq. This is an absolutely fantastic 2-in-1 hack squat and leg press machine for home gyms. Steel tubing construction, foam roller pads for the ankles, thick cushion for the calves and rubberized feet that keep it stable. The machine features an adjustable foot holder, non-slip footplate, height-adjustable rear cushion, … Use it as your traditional leg press machine or hack squat until your quads are trembling. Both Powertec and Body Solid make quality machines. Heavy-duty mainframe is comprised of extra-large 3"x 3" high tensile strength 12-gauge steel with all-4-side welded construction. Our Leverage Squat Machine comes with comfortable shoulder pads, at 8” apart, so you feel the burn only where you need to. This machine is backed with a full commercial warranty. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This leg press comes back by Body-Solid's full commercial warranty. DIAMOND FOOT PLATE: With its large anti-slip footplate, this sissy squat machine can stand the weight of any athlete up to 300 lb. Just add Olympic weight plates and get squatting. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Why buy from New York Barbell: New York Barbell sells TDS Fitness Equipment and is the only Fitness Equipment Company that has a large warehouse of items coupled together with a manufacturing facility. This Leverage Squat / Calf Raise Machine is engineered to eliminate the risks of this essential exercise while enhancing the benefits and increasing the effectiveness. 3.1 What Is A Calf Raise Machine; 3.2 The Benefits Of Using A Calf Raise Machine; 3.3 What To Look For When Purchasing A Calf Raise Machine Quick responses times and accurate information are free! Get rid of unnecessary pain or fear of imbalance, with the Titan Leverage Squat Machine. With a weight capacity of 800lbs, this is one of the strongest machines in it’s class. A squat machine is designed to make your workouts much effective and enjoyable. It is a simple machine with no-frills attached. Designed with a 1.8:1 pulley ratio means you’ll actually get double that resistance! Calves are a tough nut to crack. Squat Press Machine or Front Squat Machine: Equipped with an angled platform and padded shoulder rests and backrests, a squat press machine offers supreme comfort. A flip-and-lock mechanism makes switch movements quick and easy. There actually aren't that many different models available. The TDS Pro also features an adjustable full contoured pad for added leg comfort while working out. With a sissy squat bench, you can do this while protecting your knees and removes the need to balance. ... Body-Solid Leverage Squat Calf Machine GSCL360 . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TDS Leverage Calf & Squat Machine with Pillow Block Bearings, Finished Thick Contour Shoulder and Back Pads, Heavy Duty Diamond Plates to accommodate Short to Tall 6’-6” People. SPOTTER HANDLE FOR SAFETY: The safety handle is close at hand, making exiting and re-entering the machine a breeze – when you are finished with your exercise, simply nestle it into the safety notch, and you are all set. Leg press machines come in two typical varieties: These two machines allow you to perform a leg press, otherwise known as a hack squat. Another dual-purpose piece of equipment, get in hack squats and weight calf raises. Perform squats with 300, 500, 800 pounds and more! and it can be used for ab crunches or sit-ups as well. The sissy squat is a typically unweighted movement, where you lean backwards as you squat down to the ground. The two weight posts on either side of … The selectorized stack makes using this machine a breeze. Enjoy the extra benefit of built-in weight storage posts. It is a stable and durable tool. The deluxe padding ensures comfort while working out. Ab Boards, Hyperextensions & Roman Chairs, TDS 4-Way Leg Press Hip Sled Hack Squat TDS-35755-G, TDS Selectorized Horizontal Leg Press C-9208W. The GSCL360 is backed by Body-Solid's LIFETIME in-home warranty and rated for light commercial use. The best one for you depends on your personal needs. 1000 lb capacity. According to the Strength and Conditioning Journal, the main advantage of the equipment is that it reduces stress on the knees while still strengthening the muscles in the legs and buttocks. Color Dark Grey : Leg Exercise Machines : Sports & Outdoors We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Circuit Package - 12 PC Retail Price: $30,491.00. TDS Pro Sissy Squat Machine; FEIERDUN Sissy Squat Machine; Goplus 3-in-1 Multifunctional Squat Machine; Strencor Heavy Duty Commercial Sissy Squat Machine; ARCHON Sissy Squat Machine; Unfortunately none of the above made the cut to be among my recommended sissy squat benches, but thy might all be worthy your consideration anyways. Canada's Largest Selection of Squat Machines & Leg Press Machines. Here is a list of 5 select models: 1. On the other hand, steel tube construction assures the best stability. It offers two different leg crushing movements in one machine, making it perfect for any gym. ... #2 Body-Solid Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine + Rubber Grip Olympic Plates. Squat Press Machine or Front Squat Machine: Equipped with an angled platform and padded shoulder rests and backrests, a squat press machine offers supreme comfort. Nobody has an unlimited budget and if you are putting a garage or home gym together, you have to decide what you are willing to put towards ea… Devoted in making gym tools, the brand is ranking in the front rows for ages. The TDS 4-way Hip Sled is a workhorse hack squat machine that’s built to withstand heavy usage. Enjoy a world class buying experience at Strength Warehouse USA. Budget Obviously, price matters. FREE SHIPPING-TDS Calf & Squat System With Lifetime Warranty Heavy Duty Steel Deck Plates Heavy Duty Deluxe Padding 3" X 3" x 11G Tube Construction 1" Solid Steel Pin White Powder Coated Weight Arm Mounted on (2) HD Pillow Block Bearings Great for "GRIP-LESS" Shoulder Shrugs Focuses & … TDS Fitness Equipment is made of heavy duty construction that’s built to last. Compare us to other equipment manufacturers and you will see. Shop our huge selection of cable and weight plate resistance leg press machines in a variety of configurations including traditional combination leg press and hack squat sleds, cable leg press machines, vertical leg presses, and leg press machine attachments for universal home gyms. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard) as well as PayPal, ApplePay, Google Pay, and Amazon Payments. The York STS line is crafted with hardcore training in mind. Commercial Hip Thrust Pro Bench . The safety handle is close at hand and makes exiting the machine effortlessly. TDS Standing Calf Machine; XMark Fitness 11-Gauge Seated Calf Raise; Powertec Fitness Levergym Squat/Calf Machine; Body-Solid Powerline Seated Calf Raise Machine; While this isn’t true usually, they do have a point when it comes to the lower leg muscles. And any size person can use it. The benefits of these machines are that they will relieve pressure on your lumbar region while allowing you to target specific areas of the thigh. Color Dark Grey at We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. There’s a large adjustable footplate to accommodate all users. According to users experience, this unit is ideal for up to 6′ TDS Pro machine features an adjustable wide contoured pad that … Talk to an Expert & Get the Best Prices! This knob helps adjust the height of the pads so that users of different heights can use the TDS Pro sissy squat machine. View It on Amazon. In order to build thick, strong legs, you’ll want to add a leg press machine or a squat machine to your gym’s arsenal. The GSCL360 Leverage Squat Calf by Body-Solid is our best selling squat machine. : TDS Leverage Calf & Squat Machine with Pillow Block Bearings, Finished Thick Contour Shoulder and Back Pads, Heavy Duty Diamond Plates to accommodate Short to Tall 6’-6” People. Balanced Body Allegro Reformer Our Price: $1,899.00 . The Best Squat Machines & Leg Press for Sale. Sale: $699.99 (Free Freight) Plates Shown are for information only. TDS 4-Way Leg Press Hack Squat LEG PRESS 30, 40, 45 Angle DUAL HACK SQUAT FORWARD THRUST CALF RAISE Full Commercial 4 Wheels - each rated 750 lbs. It has been made using durable and heavy-duty iron pipes that allow it to support a maximum weight capacity of up to 265 lbs. If you want thick, sturdy, muscular legs from waist to toe, get one of these machines and get repping. Saturday - Sunday: Closed, - Add more intensity to your squats by loading up on Olympic weight plates. However, you can also get a squat machine to better emulate a traditional squat. Abcore Commercial Dual Abdominal Crunch Machine Retail Price: $1,995.00. The small details of the machine are made incredibly well including the comfortable seat and durable yet comfortable grips and upholstery of the lateral raise pads. Also known as the squat press machine, the hack squat machine is a piece of weight lifting equipment that allows you to lift in a reclined position. The TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press is a solid option that features a strong frame, and while it’s relatively basic, it certainly does what it’s supposed to do. The back squat may be the best overall thigh developer, but it is also the toughest on your spine and knees. Therefore, you can use standard or Olympic plates on it, just at it is the case with the above two machines. The design is similar to what you’ll find on most average-priced hack squat machines and allows you to perform hack squats and leg presses without any issues. Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 6:00PM CT Go heavy! The name TDS has been around for more than four decades and cemented its name as one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers in the market, and their sissy squat machine variant is no exception. Its powder-coated framing is rustproof and serves services for a long time. It is a stable machine.