In this case how to proceed to get the shares to my account. Click here for the list. Still it’s showing this error why? Further as per Section 124(6) read with Rule 6 of the Investor Protection and Education Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016, as amended from time to time, where the seven year period provided under section 124(5) of the Companies Act, 2013 has been completed or being completed during the period from 7th September, 2016 to 31st October, 2017, the due date for transfer of such shares to IEPF Account shall be deemed to be 31st October, 2017. This has to be divided equally between me & my elder sister. 2) Another thing is in IEPF Form 5 PDF document, I am unable to save multiple financial years as it’s showing an error asking me to enter it in FY- YYYY-YYYY. nodal officer of the compan, You are required to re-submit the Form IEPF-5 within specified period and submit the print out of the same along with screenshot of resubmission to Company along with Affidavit as required of a Stamp Paper of Rs 20. Thanks! In 2018 they inform me that your Shares transferred to IEPF Please guide me How to get my Shares from IEPF You are required to seek the basic information from the concerned Company. You can be rest assured that we would leave no stones unturned to get back your unclaimed investments in the least possible time. Old cases before 2016 and also to issue duplicate shares of Anil Ambani group MICR No (9-digit code no. For claiming such amounts, claimant needs to file form IEPF-5 along with requisite documents prescribed by the IEPF Authority. For any query related to IEPF, you may comment here or reach us via Email: or at 7838204665 (Call or What’s App). 1. i have filled iepf 5 status shown PEVR.The company asked me to resubmit iepf 5 to correct folio no. Thanks & Regards 3. Thanks! 2,00,000 (Rupees Two lakh only) copy of probated will / succession certificate/letter of administration (Hindi/English version) duly. For any query related to IEPF, you may comment here or reach us viaEmail: or at 7838204665 (Call or What’s App). Then Generally it takes 3 Months in process and approval. Best IEPF Expert Consultants for share transmission, share transfer, insurance or dividend claim, IEPF claims services across PAN India. You need to discuss with correction required over call (+91-7838204665). Advertisement published in Marathi newspaper on November 10, 2017 - for transfer of shares to IEPF Account. AND PLACING ADVERTISMENTS FOR DEALERSHIPS, JOBS, ETC. Feel free to get in touch for any support. THE SHARES HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO IEPF. It’s more than 3 months since I have lodged IEPF Form 5. Who cares for a 78 year old, this guys do! IEPF Details Compulsory Transfer of Shares to demat account of IEPF Authority . –  The Company shall be solely liable under all circumstances whatsoever to indemnify the IEPF Authority in case of any dispute or lawsuit that may be initiated due to any incongruity or inconsistency of disparity in the verification report or otherwise. Step 6 :  IEPF will verify the details  and refund will be released by the IEPF Authority in favor of claimants’ Aadhaar linked bank account through electronic transfer and shares in the Demat Account of the claimant. Thank you. If you don’t hear from them in the next couple of months, you may file an RTI to seek answers. I have 5 different folios in one single Company and shares under all the 5 folios are transferred to IEPF. My husband have 500 shares in zuari company.when i tried to ask above company to transfer shares in my name they said that all the shares transfered to IEPF because devident has not claimed for 7 continue years they suggested me to go through IEPF form-5 to claim the shares. For any query / support in this regard, feel free to contact me, CS Ravi Garg +91-7838204665, i have filled the iepf form, but RTA return all document due to mismatch amount of dividend claim, so kindly guide me how to resubmit the iepf form in portal. Regards, : +91-7838204665 or email @ They helped me recover 10 lac rupees from a pile of waste papers which I was about to dispose. In 2017 I received the copy of letter to my Bank SBI Indore that we have transfer the Dividend in my old Account number which is not deposited in my account from that day i am writing to them that SBI updated my account number due to their operating system update but till today they did not update my account number. But, I can’t do it and it is showing pending for approval. Hello Sir, Practical aspects of procedure to claim shares and dividend from IEPF Authority:-, Step 1 :Shareholder/ Claimant will seek exact details of Dividend and shares from the Registrar/ Company, Step 2 : Registrar/ Company will provide details and procedure as mentioned above in reply to the letter and may issue Entitlement Letter, Step 3 : Shareholder needs to file the requisite from and follow the procedure (For any professional help ping us at the undermentioned contact details). PL SEND ANY FULL FIELD SAMPLE FORM IEPF -5 OR ANY CONTACT PERSON FOR HELP FILUP THIS FROM. I had lost all hopes to get the shares of my father-in-law in my wife's and sister-in-law's name. Nodal Officer shall be the Official of the Company it self. Please Explain in detail. 5)  Applicant has to send the attachments prescribed below to Nodal Officer (IEPF) of the Company at its registered office in an envelope marked “claim for refund from IEPF Authority” for initiating the verification for claim, DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO SUBMIT TO NODAL OFFICER OF THE RESPECTIVE COMPANY / RTA. or NOC has to be furnished for transmission to a single name. please give a reply, Stamp duty on Indemnity Bond differs from State to State. And, the form must be submitted in electronic format not in pdf format, right? Transmission will be done in all the successors name and you all will get entitlement from the company to reclaim these shares from the IEPF. regards. They helped me at every turn and bought back the shares and boomed my retirement fund. In This Section. PROCEDURE ON THE PART OF SHAREHOLDER / CLAIMANT: Hence concerned shareholder/ claimant is required to claim the aforementioned shares and dividend amounts from the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority by following the below mentioned procedure: 1) Shareholder is required to Open a Demat Account with NSDL/ CDSL as shares will be released by the IEPF Authority in favor of claimants only in the Demat Account of the claimant. You are required to mentioned the dividend of only those years which were transferred to IEPF. In case of any issue feel free to discuss the matter. 1) I need to submit the form, it should be online or need to upload scan copy of filled form. She passed away in the year 2001. (c) Proposed number of share for refund : (a) Data Bank of company does not find the name of applicant as security holder, (b) Mismatch in Folio no./DP ID/ Client ID, (e) Any Litigation is pending (Give details), (g) Duplicate claim made by applicant ( Give details of earlier claim allowed). Advance Receipt and Indemnity Bond are duly stamped and details of the witness are mentioned. My father left Bhind shares in the year 2011.We are 4 siblings and 3 of them given Notarised NOC and Power of attorney in my favour. –  The IEPF Authority shall not be liable to indemnify the security holder of Company for any liability arising out of any discrepancy in verification report submitted etc., leading to any litigation or complaint arising thereof. I am having shares which are jointly held with my brother. The above article was of great help. You may ping on +91-7838204665 or write us email for help and support in filing of the Form. Presuming the buyer have a valid Share Transfer Deed. I had uploaded IEPF-5 but it’s rejected by to correct & resubmit submitted e-form. Check all registered email for any mail from the IEPFA. We help our customers in searching of their ancestral properties and assets which may be lost due to no information or lost documents.