The stainless steel screen method worked fine with me. Afghani? I sure hope it gets better because if not I will be selling and going to the Crafty. What do you recommend ? it is worth the price every time. If it is I don’t think I can put up with it . I’ve heard bad things about the v2 pro and that company. PS I JUST WENT TO THEIR SITE AND OPENED A CHAT TO REPAIR MINE AGAIN AS I DROPPED IT AND THE CHARGING PIECE BROKE. On May 2, 2018, then-Pax CEO Bharat Vasan took the stage at a Milken Institute conference in Beverly Hills, California, to discuss the company’s booming opportunity in marijuana vaping. Can you test this for me since you own the Pax and Pax 2 and see if it will function and charge the Pax 2 properly? I recently ordered a Mighty and have been using it for almost two weeks now and have yet to clean it. The pax 2 is a complete disappointment! I’ve been in contact with Pax Support and talking about vaposhop they say it is not an “authorized partner”. Pressed hash or whatever u want to name it ? I have tried to clean the underside of the mouthpiece and the inside of the top chamber. Do I need to wait for it to detect no motion and automatically shut off? Related Items . Not perfect, but pretty damn good in all respects. With competitors like Storz & Bickel and Firefly coming out with upgraded versions of their iconic devices last year one could say the pressure is on Pax to at least unveil some images of the Pax 4 while maybe teasing a date or season it could be released. So technically this is an improvement, because the retractable mouthpiece is somewhat of a hot zone for issues with the original. For years, the Pax 2 vape has legitimately been one of the best regarding portability, performance, and discretion. I bought a Pax2 based on your review, as this is my first vaporizer. Pax customer service is unable to support my battery warranty even though I purchased direct to avoid any chance of getting a knock off. You aggro-vaper’s never put the vape down : ) They probably put that feature in there for lazy vaper’s like me, who allow it to go into stand by. This is not a safe device. Just wondering what pick tools do you use for your vape. BOMBER CASE - Pax 2 & Pax 3 Bumper End Caps - 4 Pack - Smell Proof & Odor Proof Soft Case Protective Cover Accessory 4.2 out of 5 stars 22 $8.99 $ 8 . Hey Bud, love your reviews man, you seem really educated om vaping and I can tell you want consumers to get the most foe their money. Please do let me know what they tell you about the warranty terms, because I have experience with VapoShop and they’re a really good company that takes care of their customers, I’m sure the fact that they’re not completely authorized is just a technicality. Otherwise okay. I have a pax2, loved the thing for 5 months then the battery died. If you set the vape down between pulls it does go into sort of a standby after a few like you mentioned. By the way…I do clean all my vaporizors after 2 – 3 uses. So this is all I find myself having to do to keep it running smoothly, and then every dozen sessions or so it’s time for a more thorough cleaning. I am looking for the best portable vaporizor with the biggest chamber i am a heavy smoker n dont like having to keep refilling my vape i neeg something i can just pack and smoke untill i am where i wanna be and done can you out plz, Hi Bud. I have been a user of the Volcano and Pax for the past year. The oven size of the original is a tiny bit larger, holds roughly 0.4g versus 0.3g in the new one. rechargeable vaporizer with a couple neat tricks up its sleeve Also, it looks like a medium grind rather than a fine grind eliminates or significantly improves the potential screen buildup and therefore any flow resistance and cleaning/maintenence issues. You also get so much more out of your weed compared to smoking , I like to start at heat setting two and after around 10 draws increase the heat to 3 I never go to 4 as it gets too toasty . Click once on the button to go to a higher setting (you’ll see the LED color change); Exit the temp set mode with an extended press of the mouthpiece button OR by shaking the device; Wait till it’s heated up. Have you noticed any odor from the Crafty itself? PAX 2/3 Flat Mouthpiece (Black, 2 pack) $13.00. Hey you mean you’re deciding between the two Paxes right? I’d say the taste is good overall, it’s above average for sure and flavor is improved over the original. Love the vids and they help a lot. Is this normal? A unit like the Crafty produces even more and stronger vapor with the same amount of material, but the PAX is still pretty good in this department. The biggest thing that appealed to me with the Pax 2 is smaller size and the reduction of the mechanical mouth piece, which required cleaning. Thank you. To recharge your PAX 2, connect the included USB charging cable to a USB power source. THATS INSANE TO ME, IVE BROKEN THEM A BUNCH AND THEY SEND A NEW ONE NON STOP EVERY SINGLE TIME.. YOURE DOING SOMETHING WEIRD BRO. I have based most of my vaporizer decisions on your input and my man at Vape World concurs. Though an older model, it is still described as ‘futuristic’ by both the manufacturers and customers. There are few vaporizers on the market that have garnered the same level of acclaim as the Pax 2, and you’d be hard pressed to find a comparable vape posted for release in the near future. The price of the PAX 2 is not far off from the Crafty so I’m wondering if this will be worth it. So I guess yes, it is a good replacement :). PAX is discreet, powerful, easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket. PAX 1 ISNT FOR SALE FOR OVER A YEAR. But I’ve never had a problem with the flat one. Hey I do not believe the silicone mouthpieces of the new one are going to need replacing often, it’s pretty easy and quick to clean them and they don’t feel like a cheap material. I’ve never had such a poor service experience :(. And it’s still stealthier than smoking. Lol. The PAX 2 comes with “party mode” to enjoy with your friends as well as hidden features and games like Simon. Absolutely, I have it on my list and hope to get to it real soon, thanks for asking! Good draw. I am considering buying a pax. It’s super easy to use too, first-time vapers should have no problem getting good results quickly (just be sure to pack the oven properly). Love it for bike rides and out door stuff :). The PAX 2 comes with a 2 year warranty and, like everything we sell, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The pax is also very long lasting when it comes to Battery life, Another con is the cleanliness of flavour from not mixing with tobacco like with traditional smoking , so it’s a clean full herby flavour .another major pro is that I passed a blood drug test the same day that I had vaped. The lights will turn a solid white when PAX 2 is charged. Absolutely, don’t use ebay, i learned the hard way and got a fake, it’s a damn good one, seemed to work ok, but it’s definitely a counterfeit, i returned it for a refund. When I leave home and want to take a vape with me this is one of the first models I think of. These grooves are where the air flows through to the mouthpiece, so when they get a little gunked up with residue it can make it a little harder to pull from. It actually tastes better as the vapor pathway has been cleaned up … If I keep the Pax 2 in my pocket I want to make sure the mouth piece doesn’t get dirty. Thanks, -Z. I find that it only works well for 1 or 2 bowls and then it has to be cleaned. If so please tell me what you think. the 3 Hour wait time for the Full charge, can seem long. The Pax Crew. Thanks for the review on The Pax 2. A good option is to half-pack the oven top use less material, but then vape that all in one session. Is there some vapo that can vaporize tobacco? I found it to be disappointing. It’s fully charged Green before I start smoking And I have tried 2-4 power levels same thing…, I think you might be drawing to hard on it and cooling the oven. The new one is cool but if you have the original you’re not missing out on too much, the first one is still one of my all-time faves! ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out!. if you take the time ti verify authentic and learn to use it properly, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The basic design was poorly conceived. I’m looking for another good discrete vape that can be used by 2 people. They hvae THE best customer service everrrrr. Note I have not tried to use the other mouthpiece. This is fairly average for a portable vape and is roughly on par with the original, maybe a tad more efficient. Rippers will be pretty satisfied too, generally the longer you pull the more vapor you’ll get and it stays nice and smooth. I just got the original packs like two weeks ago and I’m loving it but now that I see there’s some kind of feel like I got ripped off. I also purchased the cleaning rod. An everyday carry vape with an all-in-one form factor, large herb chamber and great battery life. Once residue starts building up in the oven extra draw resistance can creep in, which isn’t terrible but it will slowly affect the vaping experience. Where can I find one of your cleaning picks? Quick question. The Hebe $25 works 10 times better. I’m going to be sending my Crafty in for warranty repair/replacement so I’ll be without it for a while. Claiming you’ve had so many warranty claims says very little of you and your opinions. ive been a smoker for 15 years in and when Ploom released the first PAX back in the day i was hooked. A benefit of using the flush mouthpiece is that you can stand the vape upside-down while you pack the oven, you can’t do that with the other one. I really appreciate your time and effort to review the Vapes out there. Vape newbie here. You compress your herb with one of the 4 tools. Party mode makes it go into continuous vape, stops the automatic shut off. ***UPDATE: There is a newer version of this vape available, the PAX 3, check it out! I remember one of your first reviews, the space case! BTW, even the loading tool is quite useful – it makes it easier to scoop up the fine powder that is produced by the fine grinder. PAX Labs was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized vaporizer experiences. Love this thing… It feels like nothing more than a pack of gum in your pocket. Therefore, i am considering selling and moving on to another unit due to this fact. PAX 3 comes with a rechargeable 3500mAh Lithium-ion battery and on a full charge lasts approximately 8-10 sessions. I opened a support ticket for the PAX 3 on Aug 11th and I have still yet to get a reply. Every possible effort has been made in preparing and researching this material. Can the bowl be safely cleaned with alcohol? You may even want to stir and repack again, and rehit on 4. Your herb essentially will get cooked all the time…whether you’re using your unit or not. How many times do you fill the chamber before you must clean. I guess Pax made this for people like me to hover over. I must say that for its size and for being a conduction vape this thing performs really well, but it’s important that the oven stays clean to keep it running in tip-top shape. The fresh product is dry, but not dried out… If that makes sense? Opened a ticket via support and received automated reply back. 10 year warranty, with 2 years of full support by vaposhop itself (even better than manufacturer, maybe..?). Thanks for everything! I brought the unit to a family members house over Easter and that was the first thing he commented on. Sip slowly once you’re green to go. Some studies have shown stainless steel cookware can give off nickel and chromium when it comes in contact with acidic foods, however, the quantities were way below the daily maximum intake. Please help me not completely regret spending this $280! *For my best friends bachelor party, for me. I am considering shedding my Pax 2 and picking up a Crafty. I originally was intending to purchase the Crafty but was turned off of the defect rate. . How much better it’s it? I am trying to decide between the Pax 2, the Alfa, and the CFV vaporizers. The PAX 2 is somewhere in the middle – above average flavor, vapor production and potency, and certainly very discreet, just not quite top-shelf quality overall. I love my Pax. Hey Franco my original Pax charger actually does work with the new charging dock, check out this pic: And you’re right the cord they include is very short – it has a micro-USB adapter on the end so it should be easy and inexpensive to get a longer one, this is what the ports look like: A little love for Vapeworld… I ordered it with free ground shipping, and I got it the next day. If the Mighty scores similar to the Crafty at 95, I think the Pax scores in the low eighties. it is very hard to reach anyone at Ploom. Then when it detects your lips on the mouthpiece it quickly heats the oven back up to the set temp to replenish the heat and produce a more consistent draw over a wide range of usage. I had the same “problem” the first time I used it. Stir it and pack it down a little again. I order it from VW can you help me out I’m thinking of getting a refund. You make me discover vapor, you linked me to the right shop, and you teached me how to get the best from my Pax (!magicflight grinder!). In my research I found a video you posted that walked one through how to use the pax v2, changing the temp, turning on, cleaning… It covered just about everything one would need to know on how to use the pax v2, a owns manual of sorts. From its sleek design to its amazing vapor quality, the Pax 2 stands out as a high-end competitor. I think the level and responsible assumption is that it is less safe than not inhaling foreign material, but safer than combustion. I’ve purchased 2, pax 2, both lasted 7 months and then died. The PAX 2 has a stainless steel oven and vapor tube leading to a silicone mouthpiece located at the opposite end of the unit. I kinda like the smell that comes off the oven too, in fact I love it almost as much as vaping! No battery warranties or ability to replace. It holds about 0.3g instead of 0.1g like the pen, but you get triple the number of draws and the vapor is much more robust. Hey Bud, I plan on buying one of the pax but im not sure which one. The Pax 2 and Pax 3 are open-system devices and they are slightly larger. I waited super long for it to charge and then nothing. I just have a question, are any of the portable vapes good for ha*h? I ended up purchasing a PAX 2 now, will i be even more impressed with the pax 2 when i get it? Fully pack your oven, and then some. It still has a terrible odor. The chamber will be easier to clean if the vape is warm, so this is good to do right after a session. You can always order an extra lid from Here is what I am specifically interested in. Pax 2’s dimensions are 3.87” x 1.21” x 0.8”, so the unit is quite small and weighs just 90.2 grams, which makes it very portable and discrete. Frequently Asked Questions I’ll be posting my Series 7 review real soon but it’s not as impressive as I had hoped, it’s pretty average almost across the board. Yes I have it on my list but I wouldn’t count on the winner part lol. Fully delivers on hit. Review: PAX 2 Vaporizer . Sent email after email all they say is there looking into it. Everyone has their own preference of how “far” they vape their herb so it’s really whatever you like! 9.4 … For the money they should warranty the vap but all they want is your money they just don’t care. It is great for loading your herb into the heating chamber. Stirring the oven is also beneficial, but since the unit is conduction, it does not make as much of an impact like the Air. They’re on two different levels – the Crafty is like a BMW and the PAX is like an Acura or something like that. ALCOHOL* to clean it, because the latter is toxic and I don’t trust it, it gave me allergies. – 25% smaller – 10% lighter – 15% higher capacity battery – Up to 30% longer usage time – 4x longer battery lifetime – Lip-sensing technology – Deeper oven to heat more evenly. When I purchased my Pax 2, I was excited to give it a try. I like to take a draw, then shut it off, and take another draw, say, a couple of hours later. I am so disappointed in it. However if it’s poked on a corner of it it will probably come right off. Being a 100% conduction vaporizer with a large oven (0.3-0.4g) that needs to be filled at least half full (with the screen method)… The PAX 2 is not an efficient vaporizer, by its core design. After 8 months happy vaping, my pax 2 stopped working (on a saturday night, ffs! Not sure what caused that. BEWARE! What (in your opinion) vaporizer produces the most vapor for under $200, vapor production is the most important thing to me and I want to most vapor I can get. Hey thanks for posting Barry, really glad you’re diggin the V2! The original Pax never had such a problem. You also noted that if you pack it and don’t use it all, and come back to finish off later, quality suffers. However, if you use a 2A wall adapter then charge time to 100% is reduced to about 2 hours. Never take a vaporizer “into the lake”. Any idiot could see that. My pax 2 stopped working also. Although it hasn’t been without its frustrating moments. The other big difference of course is the portability ;), From what I’ve read on the lip sensing tech, when your lips hit the rim it kicks into full power in the oven briefly to keep the herb at optimal temp. The output of the adapter you use will affect how long the battery takes to charge. I think if you go longer or use it on higher heat you’ll basically be vaping everything away, but I’m not an expert on this!! This a a major turnoff for me. Overall the ‘iPhone of vaporizers’ when looking at design and usability. I had recently bought the original PAX at a somewhat reduced price from your link, right before PAX2 came out, and I’m glad. From what I am reading the quality has been improving. Just so you know, when I tried to look up the vapium summit thru your connection, Vapeworld canada does not have it. I thought “here we go ..”, but sent a video and a full explanation. This is easy – first remove the mouthpiece and pop out the oven screen. Snap two comments in a row with the same complaint! My preferable price range is between $200-$300 but I could go up a little if needed. Launch a vapor signal if you ever pass by Italy, you’ll be my guest! I vape all day, every 2 hrs. SoccerMomRating: 90/100 lol. I want to attempt making shatter with a hair straightener. I don’t remember which video it was, though – sorry. Very good site! Have you experienced lip burning from the newest model… I find that I get the most comfortable hits with the new model lip piece rather than the other… Look forward to hearing from you thanks. You are one of the best reviewers, regardless of product, that I have come across, thank you for giving a no bs review of the product and helpful tips for the product. Come find out Hey man what’s up, pretty chillin over here ;). Bud’s been super polite to you; me, I would’ve already told you to piss off. I have bought several vaporizers and my favourite so far is the solo. So, is safe? Awesome!!! Were you able to get this resolved? But I see how the mighty is also convection and am interested in that with also the dials to the temp in the front very convenient. Pax website is impossible to use. It turns on and the redlights dim and get brighter a few times then all lights flash blue 10 times and it powers off. The external mouthpiece provided is a waste of time as it gets unbearably hot on your lips . At a minimum, grind your material to a medium-fine consistency, and if you want maximum vapor production grind it up extra fine. What’s up Bud? I emailed the company 3 times for a refund and they did not reply. just stumbled on your site. READ TO MANUAL!!!!! I’ve been reading over at FC and it looks like an iPad charger base (or any other 2.1A USB charger base) can charge the PAX 2 in ~90 minutes. Become a patron. If so, maybe they could help? I just bought this product and its a waste of money. The raised mouthpiece on the Pax2, I agree, can be a hurtful hot time and I rarely use it. And a $14 upright charging dock – looks good but I haven’t bought it yet.